Chapter Seven: Nunc septem tempora

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October 31, 1993:
Peter Pettigrew regretted many things in life. No one could blame him, afterall here he watches helplessly as the dark lord with the help of his snake, and the cloaked figure gain a temporary body. Whimpering slightly he realised he could probably have avoided this if he never betrayed the Potters. However, what's done is done, and he was now stuck with it.

He watches as the cloaked figure scopes up something and turns to him away from the ritual. He whimpers at the thing that was asleep in the figure's arms. It was baby like but mangled with boney fingers, and a snake-like face. It has a sickly pale complexion and he could feel the dark lords magic radiating from it.

The cloaked figure stepped towards him, "When I am not here you will serve our masters every need."

Pettigrew quickly nods his understanding in hopes of avoiding more pain from the unknown monster. He was starting to wonder which was worse the dark Lord or this cloaked figure.

It had been a month since he joined to- against his will- help this unknown person. During this time he's regretted everything he's done in life starting with Hogwarts. Every day he had been used for something he did not wish for. Like the first day with the figure he was held under the cruciatus for no reason. What made it worse was that the figure laughed when he screamed.

Yes, Peter Pettigrew, the sniveling rat he was was regretting ever meeting Potter on the Hogwarts Express.

November would be upon them the next day and Harry was a bundle of nerves for several reasons. One, Pettigrew hasn't made contact with anyone. Two, December is closing upon them. Three, he had no idea what to get his sister.

Which is why Harry has spent Halloween in Salazar's Tower going through everything there. He needed a perfect gift for his sister, it had to be perfect. Ever since his first visit he has consistently gone to see her, and he (without noticing) has begun to withdraw from his friends.

Peony was beginning to take center stage for him and he knew one of the struggles he was having with her gift was because of his last visit.

It was a rainy day, and the two had spent in Peony's room with magical books he bought her. The books he had disguised as regular muggle ones.

The two were content and Peony especially enjoyed it when he put up the anti-muggle wards so he could show her the spells. The first time she asked him about dark wizards he truthfully told her he was one and she wasn't bothered. This should of given him a clue as to how his sweet Peony felt.

It was as he was leaving, after tucking her in, that she had called out to him. Turning around in the doorway he had whispered, "Yes, Poe?"

He could faintly see her smile at the nickname, "Big brother. I love you."

His whole body had tensed up. It felt like a sudden swarm of butterflies were in his stomach beating their wings in hopes of escape. Then it felt like Ahish had slithered down his throat and found a way to his lungs. The oddest part of it all was as that all happened he felt an unbearable warmth building in his chest as his heart threatened to explode.

When he opened his mouth to say something, anything. She just smiled when nothing came out and whispered, "It's okay, big brother, I understand." Then she rolled over as if nothing major had just occurred.

Harry had stood there for several minutes before softly whispering a goodnight, and then left. When he got back to the castle he didn't eat dinner with the rest of the populace and hid in the tower. While there he came to a major revelation in his life. Anytime Elise said such words to him he felt absolutely nothing other than a cold reassurance.

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