I Live. I Learn.

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Jamal POV

Pulling up to school I was tired! And I was drained

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Pulling up to school I was tired! And I was drained. Seven had been complaining about having Braxton Hicks. And I wasn't worried because she knows how to handle herself she's been pregnant before. As we got out of the car girls started surrounding her. They were asking to see her ring.

"Ooooh yo' man got money bitch!" One of her friends yelled and I laughed. They were all swooning over her and the baby. But I wonder where were these friends when she had Kai. Or when she tried to kill her self. That's why I don't really associate myself with anyone. Cause everybody fake nowadays.

"See you later baby." She kissed me and everyone said 'awwww' and 'they so cute'. I rolled my eyes and she was swept away into class. I went to study hall and decided to fill out my FASFA. My phone began to ring and everyone turned around shushing me.

"Sorry." I said walking out of the room. I saw my dad was calling so I was confused. Before I could answer it stopped ringing. Next thing I know my name is being called on the intercom. I rushed up there to see my dad.

"I need to take my son outside for a moment." He said without even acknowledging me. The receptionist handed me a pass and my dad started walking. I looked at the receptionist and she mouthed 'Be Careful'.

With fear in my heart I followed him outside. We walked to his car and pushed me into it.

"So son I'm at work and I get a phone call from my best friend telling me you got his daughter pregnant! And not only that he says you're ignoring her." He says making my heart start to beat faster.

"Dad let me esp-"

"Say something and I'll break your fucking neck!" He yells and I instantly shut my mouth.

"So I tell him no! Not my son! My son would never deny his responsibilities! Especially since he has been taking care of another child that's not even his. So son tell me was I wrong?" He asks and I know to keep quiet. He looks down at me and I see rage in his eyes. Something my mother only had the power to tame.

"Answer me Jamal! Was I wrong?" He asked again crossing his arms. I shook my head and he punched the side of the car beside me. Only an inch away. A white woman in the parking lot walked over.

"Is everything okay sir?" She asked and I knew she was about to get cussed the duck out. He turned and looked at her and she looked scared but she didn't move.

"Mind your fucking business lady! I'm having a conversation with my son." He said and she ran away. Then he turned his attention back to me. He was waiting for me to answer.

"I wasn't ignoring her. I just needed time to figure out how to tell Seven first." I explained and he laughed and evil laugh that scared the hell out of me.

"So right now what I'm hearing is excuses. What the fuck did I tell you about excuses?" He asked poking me in my chest.

"They are only for people who don't have a pot to piss in or a window to throw it out of." I quoted his favorite saying perfectly but he was still heated.

"Right. So tell me why you ignoring her. When you know she pregnant with your child. Give me a reason." He said but I didn't say anything. My feelings were still in the air. I don't want a baby with Francesca. I just want my family with Seven. My perfect family. I was ashamed about ignoring her but it was honestly to figure shit out.

"Exactly. So what's gonna happen is you're gonna call Francesca. You are going to meet and talk about your plans for supporting that baby. And then you come to me and tell me everything. I want that done TODAY!!" He yelled emphasizing the last word. I didn't say anything to him. His face calmed and he grabbed my shoulder.

"I'm on you about this because I didn't have a father. That hole in your heart eats at your heart. Especially when you have a daughter." He said and my eyes widened. My mouth opened but before I could ask . He nodded and I felt a heavy weight placed on my shoulders.

Slumped over and down I walked back into the school. I returned the pass and walked out of the office. I closed the office door and there was Hazel behind it.

 I closed the office door and there was Hazel behind it

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The way she looked caught my attention. She looked good as fuck.

"Jamal can I talk to you?" She asked me and I shook my head and kept walking. She caught up behind me and grabbed my shirt and pulled it.

"WHAT?!" I yelled turning towards her and when I looked at her I felt instantly guilty. She grabbed my shirt again and pulled me to a bench in the hallway.

"Damn can I just walk without you stretching my shirt." I said sitting down and repositioning my shirt the right way. She was biting her lip and fidgeting with her nails. The acrylic clicked and clacked.

"Look it ain't no good way to say this but.. Seven fucked Jamal recently. They cheated on us." She said with a straight face but I laughed at her. She had to be joking. Seven hasn't even been in the mood for sex.

"Look I know you mad because we are engaged. Plus, he's still in love with someone so I know why you're upset. But a lie doesn't make the pain go away." I said actually feeling sorry for her. She laughed at me and she grabbed my hand but I snatched them back.

"Honey I'm just trying to help you. She cheated on you Jamal." She says staring into my eyes. I got up and fixed my clothes.

"Your relationship was over but mine isn't. And no matter what you say it won't be." I say and walking to the bathroom. I turn the sink on and started I silently letting tears fall down. Then I splashed water on my face and stare myself in the mirror.

Perfect life, perfect family huh?

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