when you get your wisdom teeth out

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bare with me here, bc thankfully for me, i won't have to get my wisdom teeth out (long ass story)

-Finn being the bomb ass boyfriend he is took you to get them out with your mom, because they're friends like that

-your mom recorded  e v e r y t h i n g (like kris jenner in thank u, next)

-you were OUT OF IT

-you told your mom about how you broke her phone and blamed it on the dog and wheeew was she not happy abt that!

-you also told her about when you lost your virginity, first drank, almost got arrested and a bunch of other stuff you SHOULD never tell your mother

-you ended up in a lot of trouble, and Finn was so "disappointed" and he was spilling tea with your mom afterwards

-even though Finn was mainly in all those confessions, ESPECIALLY the virginity one, he only got a "talking to"

-he bragged about that to you ^ smh

-you were so scared for this tbh, and Jaeden though it was cute

-he held your hand the entire time 😭

-you almost pissed yourself when you walked in and he started to get nervous which made it worse

-when you woke up all you did was talk about how much you loved jaeden "your so beautiful jae"

"you already told me."

"don't be mean"

-you started to cry, which made him feel shitty 😂

-you cried for like twenty minutes then started to laugh because the music jaeden was listening to sounded weird to you

-he was BEYOND excited to capture all your fuck ups to watch them on repeat

-you got annoyed and pushed the camera away, while you were going into the dentist office

-you fell and ate shit A LOT, and jack would just laugh and then help you up

-he was so excited to hear all the stupid shit that was gonna come out of your mouth but you just fell asleep

-he was PrEsSeD and sad "you went to sleep!!! who does that??"

-he deleted the video and got all kinds of triggered but eventually got over it...kinda

-he didn't really care, he just wanted to stay home but he knew what could happen and was curious

-he didn't record you because he respected you enough, but he made sure so watch you closely

-you don't even talk that much, but when you did you'd ask super stupid questions

-basically hits blunt thoughts ^

-he would just roll his eyes and argue with you and tell you your wrong

-eventually you said "damn your seexyyyyy who is youuu?"

-yeah he changed up real quick 😂

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