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Things you need to know:
Y/n~ Your Name

L/n~ Last Name

F/c~ Favorite Color

E/c~ Eye Color

H/c~ Hair Color

H/l~ Hair Lenght

More will be added in the future :3

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Osano's POV

"HELP!!!! SOMEBODY! HELP!!!!" I heard a female voice scream.

"Y/N!" I thought as I scrambled towards the door that leads to the basement where I suppose that bastard kept Y/n captive for all these weeks.

I quickly opened the door and went down the stairs to see...

"Y/n...." I breathed out as I rushed to the H/c haired girl that was tied up to a wooden chair. She looked up at me eyes filled with unshed tears as she whimpered.

"O-Osa-Osano....?" God her voice....

"I missed her voice" I thought as I reached towards her untying the strings around her wrists and ankles.

After untying everything she stood up but fell...Good thing I was there to catch her. She embraced me tightly sobbing uncontrolably. I just hugged her comforting her saying stuff like....

"Everything's going to be okay"

"I'll never leave you again I promise"

"Don't worry I'm here now"

She looked up at me smiling as I slowly let her go letting her stand up properly but as she stood up her eyes widen but before I could ask what's wrong


A gunshot was heard and I fell down

"OSANO! Y-yo-YOU MONSTER! HOW DARE YOU!" She cried holding my shirt tightly.

"H-h-he-hey....." I started putting my hand on her cheek causing her eyes to drift away from my side to my face.

"D-do-don-don't c-cry.... Y-yo-you loo-look ugl-ugly when you cr-cry..." I let out a weak chuckle as I saw her smile slightly.

"You idiot..." She laughed and cried at the same time more tears falling from her eyes.

"But I-I'm you-your i-idiot...." I said as I felt my vision slowly turning black.

Good bye world.

Y/n's POV

"But I-I'm you-your i-idiot...." Osano said as I felt his hand on my face slowly falling.

"No...." I thought as I hugged him close to me.

"I-I love you....." I whimpered as I hold him tightly.

"Now you see Y/n....I'm the only one who cares for you....Everyone that you love will leave eventually...But not me! I love you too much to ever leave you!" Asano said as he twirled the pistol in his hand.

"Y-YOU MONSTER!" I exclaimed as I let go of Osano and ran towards the bastard that shot the love of my life but before I could harm him he was tackled to the ground by a police officer. They must've heard the gun shot and went to investigate it. Thank God that they came I was afraid that I wouldn't be able to control myself....

"Help! He's been shot!" I said to the police officer pointing at Osano lying on the cold,hard ground. The officer just merely nodded and called for an ambulance.

A few minutes passed by and two nurses came carrying a strecher and gently placing Osano on it before carrying him away.


Osano's POV


I opened my eyes and was greeted by a blinding light I quickly closed my eyes.

"Am I......dead.....?" I questioned myself as I opened my eyes to be greeted by a white ceiling and realized that I was in the hospital.

"Phew I'm not dead" I thought as I looked around my surroundings noticing a head of H/c beside me.

"Y-y/n...?" I croaked out causing her to look up at me.

"OSANO!!!!!!" She shouted gleefuly as she hugged me tight.

"C-ca-can't....br-beathe...." I choked out

"Oops! Sorry Osano! I just.... really miss you...." She said looking down at her lap.

I held her chin making look at me in the eye.

"I miss you too..." I said as we made eye contact. We both leaned towards eachother until the space between us was almost non-existent. Our faces were only mere centimeters apart.

"I love you, Y/n"

"I love you too"

And with that we closed the gap.

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