Chapter 2- Home?

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After a long awkward car ride, we arrived at a huge mansion. It looked like we travelled far since it's already morning and I didn't sleep not even a nap. With tears still in my eyes, the two man accompanied me inside the mansion.

Once we got in, we were greated by a maid and another girl around my age.

"Hi!" The girl said

"Umm, hi?" I said sniffling with tears on my cheek.

"I'm Chloe, Min Chloe. The cousin of the mafia boss." She stated

"Uhh... I'm Y/n?" I said wiping my tears away

"Nice to meet you! Hopefully we can get along!" She said stretching her hand out for me to shake.

"Nice to meet you too?" I shook her hand

"Ok, ok, enough chit chat. Bring her to her room, Chloe." He commanded with no emotion. And went somewhere in the house.

"Ok!!" she said

She took me up to supposedly my room. It was in a hallway on the second floor. When we entered the room, I noticed little details.

The room was a nice white color with a mix of pink, surely bigger than my old room. The bed was soft and the covers were fluffy, there was a door that leads to a walk in closet with clothes in it, and another door in the closet that leads to the bathroom. How does this Yoongi person know how to decorate rooms? Or anything girly?

"If you're thinking that my cousin decorated the room, then you're wrong." She said

I look at her in confusion, it's like she read my mind. Can they all do that?

"We can't do that, we need to have superpowers to be able to do that." She chuckled

"Then how did you know what I thought of?" I questioned

"Your face says it all, and I decorated the room, Yoongi oppa does not know how to do these." She said

"Oh... ok" I said as I put down my bag that was with me

"Listen, you don't have to be so awkward around us. I'm sure Yoongi oppa brought you here for a reason. The people here are nice, especially Kim Taehyung." Chloe said

"Kim Taehyung?" I ask

"He's one of those cute guys." She said with what looks like heart eyes

"Ok?" I said

"I'll show you around!" She said

Without an answer from me, she pulls me from where I was standing and brings me out of my room to go downstairs.

"This is the living room." She said. The living room had a long couch with a coffee table in front of it and a big screen TV. There were also fish tanks beside the TV. After looking at the living room for one minute she dragged me to what looks like a kitchen.

"This is the kitchen." She stated. The kitchen had a kitchen island in it, and other things you can find in a kitchen.

She showed me a lot more rooms like, including her room which is four rooms from my room. We went back to the living room because she wanted to, I was still a little awkward around her, but at the same time getting comfortable with her, she's like the only person I can trust in this house.

In the living room, we heard a lot of talking, it was only 8 in the morning. Who'd be up at this time? Surely not me. We went in the living room to find six men all on the couch drinking coffee.

"Look guys! That must be the girl that Yoongi hyung said he was kidnapping." A man with a sunshine smile said excitedly. Who can even say the word 'kidnap' calmly or excitedly?

"She's pretty." A man with bunny teeth stated. How am I even pretty?

"She looks so innocent, how can Yoongi ever kidnap her?" A man with big lips and broad shoulders said.

"Yeah..." A man with chubby cheeks and an eye smile said.

"Enough of that oppas. She can hear you." Chloe scolded them

"This is Y/n." She said

"Uhh... hi?" I said awkwardly

"Awww, she's so cute." A man with a mullet and a boxy smile said

"I'm Namjoon." A man with dimples stated.

"I am Jin, and I am worldwide handsome." The man with broad shoulders stated.

"Hi, my name is Taehyung." The man with the boxy smile said. That must be the one Chloe's saying.

"I'm Jungkook." The man with the bunny smile said.

"I'm Jimin." The man with chubby cheeks said.

"I'm Hoseok, your hope." The man with the sunshine smile said

"What the hell? Why are you guys awake already? It's freaking 8 in the morning!" Yoongi shouted

"Yah! I'm older than you! And just go back to sleep." Jin said and crossed his arms

"I'm the boss, and I can't sleep anymore you guys woke me up." Yoongi said still in his sleepwear.

"Go change!! There are girls here. And you most probably slept in the car on the way here." Jin said rolling his eyes while saying the last sentence.

"Ok, ok." Yoongi said leaving the living room to go upstairs.

"Please sit down." Namjoon said

"Ok!" Chloe said walking to Taehyung and sitting next to him.

"Sit here, Y/n!" Jimin said and I awkwardly walk over to him and sit beside him.

Everyone except me was talking about random stuff but all became silent when Yoongi came down the stairs in a suit.

"Taehyung, I need you for a minute." Yoongi said in a monotoned voice.

"Ok." Taehyung said and stoop up to walk over to Yoongi, and they disappeared into a room presumably the office that Chloe was talking about. That was weird.

"It's always like that, whenever Yoongi hyung is here, we become quiet, we don't know why either." Jimin said beside me.

Suddenly Taehyung comes out of the room. That was fast.

"Yoongi hyung would like to see you, Y/n." Taehyung said. I stood up and with shaking legs walked to the room he came out.

"And by the way, don't call him Yoongi, anything but Yoongi." Taehyung said

"Why?" I asked

"He just doesn't want you to, that's what he told me." He said

"Ok?" I said and entered the room. The room was an office, not just an office, it was like a CEO's office. And his chair was facing backwards.

"Take a seat, Y/n." Yoongi said seriously. I took a seat and he faced me.

"I see you have met the rest of them, right?" He said and I nodded.

"Don't try to get hooked with one of them. You'll regret it." He said and I nodded hesitantly. I don't get what he means.

"This is your home now, ok? I'm trying to be the nicest I can here. I'm not always the nicest person." Yoongi said which made me gulp, I nodded for the third time. How can this place be like my home? This place is so different from my home.

"Ok, you can go now." He said, and I mentally sighed in relief. I cannot take the awkwardness anymore. I head to the door and right when I was about to open it.

"Are you single?" Yoongi asks.

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