Chapter 26 ~ Mila

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Chapter 26 ― Mila


“Moni, seriously, stop it. You’re freaking me out!” I cried out to my best friend who was on the bed, grinning at me like the mad woman she was. “If you don’t stop, I’ll kick you out of the room!” I threated but she didn’t cut the show, she kept looking at me in that creepy way.

“OTP, OTP, OTP,” she chanted lowly and I just rolled my eyes. Clearly, she couldn’t get over the fact that Zayn and I kissed. But it was just that, a couple of kisses. Nothing more.

Yeah, right…

I felt a shiver going down my spine when the memories of the night before came to me again. The way I felt in Zayn arms, when he was kissing me, when he looked me in the eyes like there wasn’t anything else on the planet that mattered. I’ve never felt like that before, because whilst we kissed I felt like every cell of my body was alive, dancing, making my whole skin tingle with excitement.

I was a very physical person. I didn’t like complications and refrained my relationships to only the physical part. Everyone but Moni couldn’t understand how I could be so cold for my relationships yet at the same time so cheesy. But it was like that, it was easier for me to live like that, without caring about anything else but enjoying and living the moment. I knew one day I might fall in love and it wasn’t going to be only physical, but until that day came, I would keep doing the same.

I wasn’t expecting a relationship with Zayn. We were going to have fun and that was it. After these days in the bungalow we weren’t probably going to see each other anymore, or very little, considering his career. He had a world tour, new album and many, many other things in his agenda. He didn’t have time for a relationship and it was good for him, to just have a bit of fun. No strings attached.

But as I told myself that, my heart ached unsatisfied. My heart wanted more, my heart wanted Zayn though my brain kept telling it that it wasn’t a wise idea, that feeling something deeper for him was only going to bring us troubles; my heart didn’t want to listen. My heart wanted nights like this one all the time, moments like the one we shared to be something frequent.

“Moni, seriously, it doesn’t mean anything,” I tried to tell my friend but not even I could believe what I was saying. I didn’t sound convinced and that was evident because the brunette just laughed out loud.

“And I’m gonna get married tomorrow,” she replied my comment.

“You’re gonna get married someday and I’m gonna plan that shit!” I reminded her pointing at her with my index finger.

“Only if I get an aneurism, but that’s not the point here, missy. The thing here is that you fancy Zayn and he fancies you back so you’re gonna stop this fuckery and admit that it was more than just snogging,” my friend lectured me looking serious for the first time in the whole night. “Mila, I see the way you look at him and I never saw you like that before. He’s not like any other guy for you, don’t try to lie to me, but moreover, don’t try to lie to yourself.”

I looked away for a couple of seconds because I couldn’t hold her gaze knowing she was right. Zayn didn’t feel like any other. He didn’t feel like something temporal or without meaning. He felt… different, unique, special; and that scared the hell out of me. Of course I was trying to lie to myself saying that it meant nothing. I knew Zayn was seeing the real me, I knew he was moving on from Alex and he wasn’t using me… I just wasn’t ready for what that meant for me.

“Look, you two are my OTP for a reason. I don’t do this to bother you and because it’s fun; I truly see you with him and I think that what you two can have could be great, so I don’t want you to shut yourself to this because you’re afraid. Give it a try. Plus, Zayn has something very important you can’t forget,” she said and I arched an eyebrow.

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