Chapter 4

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"Worldwide Meanie."
Rosé's POV

"Do you wanna grab some coffee?"

Those words that Seokjin sunbae-nim spouted earlier vanished the moment Jeon Jungkook called. He took me to a fancy restaurant and we ate silently.

He ordered a beef ribs steak and I chose the very usual Italian meatballs pasta, and believe me if I said it was the most awkward lunch I've ever had.

Luckily, servers at the fancy diner were all professional with their job. They must be used to it, seeing idols eating or dating inside this diner.

"Tell me, Rosie-ssi... why do you like our maknae?"
I swear to God! I almost spit the champagne in front of him. We were being so silent for the last 15 minutes that we were eating then he will suddenly asked me with that question just to fill his curiosity?

"S-sorry sunbae, what?"

"You heard me."

I frowned when I heard his reply. He doesn't need to be cold. Is he that against of the idea of me liking their maknae?

His total demeanor were very opposite to the personality his portraying when the camera was rolling. Where is the Kim Seokjin that every armys know? This one in front of me was cold and mean, but I admire his chivalrous act.

Kim Seokjin opened his car's door for me, then when we arrived to the place he jogged his way to the other side of the car and opened the door again for me, he also helped me sit at the chair before he quietly sat on his own, then he asked me my order first before telling to the server what's his, and so on.

However, the cold tone of his voice never change. So yeah, I practically know the fact that he is still pissed. Well, who the heck not right?

"Because, he's Jeon Jungkook sunbae-nim. He's—"
He doesn't let me finished when he nodded his head and chuckled at my words.

"Of course. He's the great golden maknae of BTS, who wouldn't like him right?"
His lips lift into an unamused smirk as he continued talking, "Rosie-ssi, you are not the only one who tried confessing their attraction to our maknae."
My hand felt week as I slowly put down the fork on my plate and look down at my half eaten pasta.

For the first time, I lost appetite for food.

"But let me tell you this, girls confessing their infatuation to him is a major turned off for him. That's why he chose the nation's first love, he saw the challenge."
He is casually drinking on the champagne like he isn't hurting a heart, and his stares are boring to my soul. I couldn't even move, God even if he's that handsome, please slap me back to reality that he's cold and very very mean to me.

"But do you wanna know a secret? It's about your maknae."

My throat went dry. I think I'm still not ready with this. But my damn stupid mouth betrayed me.

"Lisa? What about her?"

He smiled. Almost akin to the prince of evil and I got chills all over my body. I should really start praying for his soul.

"Jungkook and Taehyung had a big fight because of her way back 2016. Well, we already knew the fact that Taehyung and Lisa started dating a year after that, but Jungkook really did like her before."

I played with my fingers on my lap as I look like a little girl who has been scolded by her mom. Of course, I knew about that. After all, Lisa is my best friend. Imagined the pain I felt every time I caught Jeon Jungkook glancing at our maknae every awards night before and the gifts he secretly sends to our dorm for Lisa with the initial J.K on every notes.

I knew he was the one behind all of those stuffs but Lisa was too stupid to not know about him. Jeon Jungkook mistake was he didn't personally introduced himself to her, that's where Kim Taehyung beat him.

"After that heartbreak? Jungkook accidentally met his long time crush at one of the Bigbang's concert and then the rest was history."
So they are going out for two years now? And here I am looking like a fool, assuming that he will someday look at me the way he looked at Lisa before?

Guess, I'm the most stupid one here.

"Why are you telling me this?"
My hands turned into a fist as I look up to see Seokjin sunbae, rested his chin at the back of his hands and elbows down at the table.

He gave me a small smile.
"To wake you up from your fantasy."
That's when something clicked inside of me, realizations started pouring like a waterfall. Heck, it's really official. I have made up my mind. Kim Seokjin is a mean bully and I hate him!

"You're mean."
I glared at him and his small smile, went bigger like he enjoyed seeing me miserable.

"I get that a lot." His back leaned on his chair as he crossed his arms and playfully smiled at me.
"So have you finished eating? We still need to meet THE girlfriend."
He nonchalantly asked as he look at my plate. Well, It's your fault why I can't eat MY DEAR PASTAS!!!

Pray for his dear life but Kim Seokjin is really having fun teasing me, I can even see two horns growing on his head.

God, give me more patience to stand his worldwide meanness. Or just throw Seokjin sunbae to hell for me.

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