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imsebastianstan- this is what happens when she goes one day without shooting a scene

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chrisevans- the pogo stick bandit strikes again
claireshepherd- the pogo stick master*

username- more like making a scene

samuelljackson- wait until she goes two days without shooting.
imsebastianstan- hopefully ill have scenes to
film so i won't be around for that.
claireshepherd- 😲 im offended.

anthonymackie- why wasn't i invited to challenge her to a duel??
scarjo- none of us were, don't worry

username- she's so childish 😒

username- i love her so much

username- it's bad enough that i see her on the other actors pages and now she's on seb's
claireshepherd- maybe thats because im part
of the movie and sebastian is my friend?
    ↳ username- so was tom
        ↳ claireshepherd- tom and i are still friends.
            lets not do this on seb's page, yeah?

username- oof she snapped. go claire!

username- from one costar to the next 🙄


private message
tom hiddleston ⇢ sir thomas

sir thomas
hey, love. ive been seeing all the comments on instagram. i know things ended mutually, and i know there arent any hard feelings, but i wanted to remind you of that.
i will always have the utmost respect for you
i wish you the best.

lady claire
thank you, tom.
it really does mean a lot to me, and im glad that we're still friends.
i'll always respect you and wish you the best as well.  don't forget we still need to catch up sometime 🙂

sir thomas
of course! i'll let you know when im in the area next!

lady claire
i look forward to it!

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