Chapter Thirty Four

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After a few 'witty' insults thrown at me, Callow finally storms out of Marcello's office, obviously frustrated that I refuse to retaliate.

Bursting out with laughter once she leaves, I take a seat in the chair across Marcello and pick up my sandwich, crossing my legs as I bite a generous chunk out of the corner of it.

Marcello simply stares at me, the corners of his lips slightly lifted, but looking uncharacteristically calm. Usually, he's sporting a neutral, amused, or angry expression.

I lean forward, propping my elbow up on his desk as I lean forward, "What's up with you?"

"Nothing, just a bit relieved." He states, giving me the smallest of smiles.

"Why're you relieved?" I ask around my mouthful of sandwich.

He gives me an amused smile, "It's nothing too important."


"Ugh, where're we going now?" I ask as he yanks me to the car.

We'd just woken up when he informed me to get ready. I still had my pajamas on and was half asleep by the time he was fresh out of the shower.

Heck, I'm still half asleep and yawning.

"You'll find out." Is his response once we're in the car, him opening the passenger door for me before going over to the drivers side.

"No no no. Last time you said that, you abandoned me and I had no idea where I was." I argue, jabbing a finger at him as I turn sideways in my seat.

He winces, "I'm sorry about that, but if you look on the bright side, I had someone pick you up. So technically, I didn't abandon you."

"You still left me." I narrow my eyes at him and cross my arms over my chest as I forcefully turn the right way into the seat and sit back.

"I didn't want to, I just..." He trails off, giving up as he starts the car. "Okay, fine. I left you, and I'm sorry. But I promise, I won't leave you again."

I give him a side glance and see the genuine look on his face.

"Fine." I roll my eyes, "But, if you leave me again, I will seriously kick your butt, mafia boss or not."

"Deal." I see his wide grin as he begins to apply pressure to the gas, and the car darts out of the drive way and onto the street.

"Woah, don't get too excited. I don't want my cause of death to be a car accident." I tease, only slightly concerned of his speeding and wild swerving.

"Says you." Marcello rolls his eyes with a scoff.

I narrow my eyes at him and give him a scowl of my own. "What was that supposed to mean?"

"Nothing." He says, seemingly guilty.

He couldn't possibly know about the four speeding tickets I've gotten in the past year, could he?

My eyes stay narrowed at him, but I let it go, and slump in my seat with my arms crossed.

"Where are we?" I ask, not recognizing the scenery around us.

"You'll see." Marcello says, causing me to glance over at him in time to see his lips twitching.

I roll my eyes at him and his antics, then turn to gaze out the window to memorize the turns, just in case he does decide to leave me again.

My mind wanders back to the conversation with my uncle, and with that thought, comes a wave of questions.

"Marcello..." I start, but can't figure out how to word my question.

It won't make sense if I just straight up ask if he knows my dad. I don't even have a name to give him.

"Yes?" Marcello asks, raising an eyebrow, casting a quick look my way.

" uncle told me that my dad works for you...would you by any chance...have any idea who he is? Like, does anybody look remotely similar to me or...?" I stutter, having more trouble than I thought just to get that question out.

"No." Marcello says quickly, and I can't ignore the uncomfortable look on his face. "I don't know who your dad is."

"Can you help me figure it out? I want to know who he is, I-"

"Brimmy," Marcello cuts me off with a sigh, "All the men that work for me aren't father-worthy. Most of them don't have families, and if they do, they don't care much for them. I don't think you'd have much luck finding someone that doesn't want to be found."

I pause, not able to talk. My mouth gapes open, and tears spring to my eyes. I blink the moisture away quickly, then compose myself.

"Okay." I speak, then face the window again, feeling my heart clench. I guess I just got my hopes up. I mean, I want just one parent that cares for me. Just one that I can depend on.

My heart sinks at the thought of having two lousy parents. I practically raised myself, if you don't count my uncle.

My fists ball up as my sadness changes to anger in a matter of seconds.

I refuse to feel sad just because neither of my parents want me. I'm an adult now, I don't need them anyway. I can take care of myself.

With those thoughts, I nod my head firmly to myself and continue staring out the window silently, yet determined.

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