literally tf up with yall true crime serial killer lover freaks

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okay so did y'all hear about that crazy lady who was going to like recreate columbine on the anniversary?? There was a whole news thing about it but like, I was thinking about that and I was talking about it to my history teacher in class today and i just got so mad because like? Obviously they're crazy and everyone knows that's sucks but? Why isn't there more media coverage for this? Like it's a pretty big phenomenon, I've known people who were into serial killers, and yeah okay, most do not go as far as that one lady, but, it's still such a saddening threat? Like why are we letting individuals illnesses get to the point where they consider taking another human LIFE, because they worship some sick freak, why are they allowed to act like this on social media? Y'all seen the tcc tumblr? It's disgusting. why don't we have a better plan to help mentally ill individuals in this country? in this WORLD? I just, i could never fathom hurting another person, how could you LIKE someone like that? it just makes me want to cry and scream because how insulting is that to the victims and their families. I was reading one of my true crime books and their was this awful disgusting serial killer and I looked him up and he had a FANBASE. its just so upsetting to me that you'd care so little about a fellow life being lost? I don't get why people can't just love and nurture one another, why can't we as a society try to create a culture of LOVE, instead of strife and violence? yeah maybe communism doesn't work large scale but I KNOW kindness could. anyways this is just me yelling

love always,

noah <3333

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