Car ride~Steve

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Moonlight in Atlanta—Russ

You are sitting in the passenger seat of a 2018 Volvo, which is your car, but Steve is driving it. From California to New York. Currently, Tony is sleeping in the back seat softly snoring. You look outside and see the beautiful scenery. Blue skies fading into midnight black, little glowing white stars look like pure diamonds, put there by some divine grace. The moon is a thin slice between the sporadically placed clouds, just dark blue smudges across the otherwise clear night sky. There are just plains for miles. A few mountains in the far off background.

You decide that this beautiful scenery needs some moody music. So you go into your Spotify and find your " night time" playlist ( this detail will come back at the end). And select Moonlight in Atlanta by Russ. You begin to sing the lyrics, " she said I know you get lonely toooooo. I looked at her and said you don't want to loooossseeee. " The smooth, jazzy moody music filters into the car softly. Steve looks over and you song quietly, " Babyyyyy let your hair down, down, down, down." You shift your head and shoulders in time with the music. A small smile, filled with quiet joy, jumps onto you lips at hearing the next song called " Falling Down".

It goes like thag for a while until the beautiful peace, you rarely find lulls you into just listening to the soothing music.

" Its important in this busy and chaotic life that we find the little pockets of simple happiness thats created by nothing than someone's company and a charming place." You say, near silent, to Steve.

" I know, Y/N. Its gonna be better now thats he's gone." Steve whispers, barely audible. He never takes his eyes off the road but his throat bobs as if the words were choking him on the way out. " Sign of the Times" by Harry Styles comes on.

A stupor filled smile is your only reply.

Before the sacharine sweet moment eases you into sleep.

night time is a real playlist on my Spotify account.

Very good songs for moody nights in need of relaxing tunes.

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