Why so sad?

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I lay down on her bed facing her
I start getting lost in her eyes
"What?" Billie giggles softly
Then she licks her lips still looking at me

"Mamas I really like you a lot"
Billie smiles and closes her eyes
"You mean so much to me and I never want to see you sad."
I caress her face as she opens her eyes back up
"What are you talking about" she smiles but has a confused look on her face
" I don't know"
I did know what I wanted to talk about but I didn't want to change the mood she was so peaceful.

My hands trace along her face
"If I ever hurt you you would tell me right?"
"Yeah of course" she said
"I really missed you" I say as she gets closer
"I know so did I" She said as she placed her head on my chest

What did she mean by "so did I" did she mean she missed me? I don't know but the way she said it it didn't seem like I was me she missed.


I woke up to billie playing a song on her keyboard
I open my eyes and look around and it was bright and the sun ray landed where billie was sitting.

"Hey mama good morning" I said with my morning voice
"Morning Baby" she smiles
"Are you hungry?" Billie asks
"Yeah kinda" I say rubbing my eyes
"Okay get up let's go to the kitchen"

Honestly I was a bit nervous. I never stayed the whole night before but I think at least Finneas kinda knew, Maggie and Patrick knew me and Billie were a thing but didn't know we did things like this.

Billie grabs my hand and leads me to the kitchen. In the living room Patrick was lying on the couch and Maggie was in the-

"Good morning Billie-"
"Hi Brandon you finally decided to stay the whole night huh?" She says as she grabs Billie for a hug
"Uh um yeah" I was a bit confused

"Yeah just because you guys play loud music doesn't mean I don't know what you're doing"
She said jokingly with a smirk on her face

"And also you're not the most sneaky person when leaving"
"Uhhh" Billie looks at me in shock
"Sorry Maggie" I look at her and then clenched my teeth
"Anyways I'm guessing you too are hungry?"
"Yup" Billie says while skipping around the kitchen

"Here have a breakfast vegan burrito"
"Thank you Maggie" I say is I still feel an awkward tension

We then sit at the table and eat with everyone else and it was so weird. I've eaten dinner and lunch but never breakfast.


A couple days later I wake up to prince spamming me with phone calls

Incoming call


"You fucked up Brandon"

"What are you talking about?"

"It's everywhere a picture of you loving up another girl at a club"


"Fham you said billie was acting weird it makes a lot of sense now"

"If you're trying to tell me I cheated on Billie you have things twisted"

"Okay believe what you want but I'm finna send you them"

Call ended

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