1st Imagine....

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You-  DON'T STOP!!!!

Roc- I....cant....go....any...longer *collapses*

You- Damn you ok?

Roc- *Breathing hard*  how many was that?

You- 32 push ups

Roc- Well I almost acoplished my goal

You- You wanted to do 50 push ups -___-

Roc- That's still almost *get up and drinks water*

You- Why are you and Prodigy even doing again?

Roc- *swallows hard* To see who is the strongest..

You- *laughs* That's stupid..

Roc- No it's not!

You- Yeah it kinda is...

Roc- You act like you never competed with someone...

You- I did compete with someone but not over anything stupid..

Roc- Ok what then

You- Who could get 1st in the Spelling Bee in 1st grade

Roc- *Laughs*

You- what

Roc- *laughs even harder*

You- Shut up

Roc- Ok....*bites his lips and starts laughing again*

You- *walks out the room*

Roc- Come on dont be like that! Y/N! Y/N? *shakes head* Cant never joke with girls -_____- *walks out the room*

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