Dusk City (draft #1)

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Dusk City

The doorman at the club has jewelled fangs. Sharp. Glittery.

He lets us in. Sammy and me. Our first time in Dusk City. We get drinks and watch the dancers. I feel sick: shivery. Frightened to be here. But a dare's a dare.

'Wow!' My girlfriend Sammie's eyes go wide.

We stare at a lean, strong guy twisting his dance partner. Tossing and catching her.

How would that feel?

'Dusk Quarter – feed your longings,' the adverts say.

I had so many.

'First time here ladies?' asks the Bartender.

'Yup.' Sammie is curt. Discouraging.

But I'm more mellow. 'Does it show?'

'The new ones always stare at him.'

'What's his name?' Curious me.

'Shush, Kate. You're getting married.' Sammie's all prim. Pinches my arm. Sammie's my conscience. I need one.

'They call him Jaegar.' Bartender says. 'You here on a dare?'

'Good guess.'

'Yeah.' He rolls his eyes. 'I'm psychic.'

Maybe he is. He has funny eyes, I think. 

'You wanna dance with him?' Bartender leers. 'I can arrange it.

'Kate!' warns Sammy.

I laugh. 'One dance can't hurt.'

Bartender lifts his head and Jaeger ends his dance as if he's been waiting. He glides over. I enjoy the view. Envy his grace. He's moves like an elegant fighter. Dangerous.

'Young lady wants to palray,' says Bartender.

I see the almost-wink between them, and I don't care. I touch Jaeger's hand and the world spins.

'I'm Kate,' I manage.

'I know,' he says.

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