Chapter 91 The soul of the town. Thirteen, the ghost family

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Guo Changcheng's phone had been continuously vibrating, the screen showing a very strange, unfamiliar number that didn't seem like a phone number, but not a proper landline number either, with many 4's in the front. Guo Changcheng glanced over it, feeling that it was a little similar to the TV shopping number and guessed that it was to market something. Everyone else were all discussing important matters and even though he couldn't completely understand, he still sensibly put on a look of trying his best to understand, and despite the continuous vibrating of his phone, he ignored it.

Everyone had been discussing for a good while and their discussion still hadn't yet reached a conclusion, but Chu Shuzhi had nagged about the Water Dragon Pearl given by Snake Fourth Uncle for a while. Chu Shuzhi lived extensively in the graves and was headed down the autopsy route, so his thoughts really weren't very bright and were occasionally a little dark. He was a genuine, proper analyst of conspiracies and schemes.

"Your Fourth Uncle definitely knows something,"

Chu Shuzhi insisted,

"Otherwise, why would he suddenly want to take you away at this time, and just so happen to ask you to give Chief Zhao the Water Dragon Pearl at this time?"

Zhu Hong had her arms folded in front of her chest, eyebrows creased as she let out a sigh.
The humans and ghosts alike in the office all fell silent. At this time, Old Li who was on duty at reception during the day and who liked playing with bone carvings suddenly spoke up, saying,

"Actually I.... I have a source of information."

Everyone looked towards him simultaneously. Old Li seemed somewhat trapped and smiled a little in embarrassment.

"I'm an old loner, with nothing much to do after getting off work. I normally like to go to antique streets to play Xiangqi (Chinese chess) with a couple of old friends. The last two days, I heard an old brother who I play with mentioning this issue. He says that the few house guarding snakes that his family kept have all left in the past two days, not even eating their offerings. The same for other households. It seems like the snake tribe is going to completely move out of Dragon City."

Zhu Hong was stunned momentarily.

"This... My Fourth Uncle didn't actually tell me this."

"Not just the snake tribe. Look, spring is right in front of us but is there even half a crow in the city? That bunch of crow tribe idiots, if there's so much as some wind and stirring of grass, they'd run away faster than rats."

When Da Qing spoke of the word 'rats', he made a show of wrinkling his nose, to express considerable disdain— for a cat, just about everything in the world that was worthy of being despised could be described with the word 'rat'.

"My Fourth Uncle he..."

Zhu Hong paused, the crease lines between her brows deepened further. She was brought up since she was young by Snake Fourth Uncle, basically in her heart there was nothing Snake Fourth Uncle wasn't capable of. She has never seen Snake Fourth Uncle troubled by anything, and it seemed like as long as the snake tribe had him, the sky would never fall.

Zhu Hong knew that he could very possibly not have told her anything because he was afraid her feelings ran too deep for Zhao Yunlan. If nothing happened he knew that she might lose hope and silently leave, but as soon as she knew Zhao Yunlan was in danger, how could she easily leave at a time like this?
But how big did the problem have to be for Snake Fourth Uncle to straight-up move away from the entire snake tribe without even going through the process of thinking through solutions?
Out of everyone, only Da Qing actually somewhat knew— regardless of whether it's the abnormal activity of the youming (Ghosts), or whether it's that strange book from 11 years ago, it all seemed to somehow point toward the old events from over 5000 years ago. That was a time of collapsing skies and sinking earth, where a number of gods fell from the heavens. There was definitely no small occurrence.

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