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Union University is home to many college students, espicallly a carefree one named Clare Mathis. Going on her third year, Clare finds herself in numerous outings with her boyfriend of five years right next to her, supporting her not only emotionally but also physically as she takes on the world by storm.

And a storm is brewing.

Although many would be put off on going after another women who is in a known relationship, Amanda Dade and Sebastian Tresner have different ideas. Both sexually involved with each other, and saving their love for the same person, decide that enough is enough when stalking and fantasies don't work anymore. They want the real person- Clare.

[WARNING: contains imagery of submission, mental health, forced actions (drugs, sex), and use of foul language. This book is intended for awareness (and fiction), and will NOT advocate for rapists, and/or have the main character accept everything that happens to her.

Sources for help in dealing with rape, drugs, sucide, and mental health will be provided in the beginning of the book.

Also: the reason as to why I have not put an actual University (that I know of) as the main setting is to avoid any negative connotation towards that educational school.

This story is in no way, shape, or form trying to hurt anyone who has been through any of these very real situations.

Remember- you matter, and you deserve to have resources to provide help for yourself or someone you know. Help is always out there, you are never alone ❤

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