Chapter 2

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When Naruto awoke a little later he groaned and thought "ooow, my body." as he went to push himself off the ground and screamed out "OH FUCK MY ARM." as he instantly grabbed his left arm and began rolling trying to keep any and all pressure off it.

After several minutes he finally got enough control to slowly sit up and he moved his knees under him and slowly stood up wincing while he still held his left arm. He looked around and saw a path through the tree limbs that were broken and he thought "now I know how a pinball feels. Eva, you there."

Eva voice said "Yes."

Naruto winced and thought "Can you be a little quieter. My head is killing me."

Eva said "Is this better." in a quieter voice

Naruto thought "yeah, so whats the status and how long was I out."

Eva said "It has been 4 hours since your fight with Gaara and currently you are only at 25 percent power total."

Naruto blinked and thought "run that by me again. I got the 4 hour part but what do you mean I am only at 25 percent. I should be fully recovered by now."

Eva was quite for several moments and said "Based on my scans of your body over the past 3 weeks I have a several explanation that could be correct but I an unable to determine which is true at the moment but all seem to point at one thing. You are not receiving any chakra from the Kyuubi. The 2 most promising explanations are that either the Kyuubi somehow is able to stop his chakra from being sent to you or something is blocking the Kyuubi chakra from entering your system."

Naruto frowned and looked around and thought "And you only discovered this now."

Eva said "The reason I was not able to identify this problem before was because your chakra system was already loaded with large amounts of Kyuubi chakra. Over the past 3 weeks you have been slowly using what was in your system originally before receiving me and it has taken till now to use it all up however this does bring some good news."

Naruto thought "I don't see how anything right now could be really good new with as much pain as I am in now. No fox chakra means my healing is slow which is why I am so bad am I right now anyways."

Eva said "Your entire left arm is shattered into 20 pieces and your left shoulder is disconnected. You have 3 cracked ribs and a concussion."

Naruto sweat drop and thought "and the good news."

Eva said "Now that all of the fox chakra is out of your coils only purified controlled chakra will be in your coils which will increase your control."

Naruto shook his head and winced and said "Add a crick in my neck to that list. Which way is it back to the village and where is Gaara...wait a minute, where is the armor Eva." as he looked at himself and notice the power cell under his shirt.

Eva said "Due to your injuries I believed turning on the armor would only cause more injury at this time however I can activate the chest armor to hide the power cell if you would like. As for Gaara he should be a mile east of your location and the village is 2 miles south of that."

Naruto thought "give me what you can on the armor because I don't want to reveal it if I can."

Naruto saw the armor appear and then cloak on his chest and he winced and thought "good call on the armor Eva. Hold off on anymore until I can get my arm and head checked." as he began to walk east very slowly.

20 minutes later Naruto saw a huge field of sand and he looked around and saw Gaara sticking with a tree limb through his side and he winced as he saw the blood that had ran down it and dried and Naruto said "Oi, you dead."

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