Chapter 1

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Naruto Uzumaki stood in the Konoha hospital in front of his sensei Hatake Kakashi and asked "But why can't you teach me?"

Kakashi sighed as he closed his book and said "Look Naruto, I only put you in the Chunnin exam for the same reason I put Sakura in it, for experience. I never imagined you would make it pass the second round and the only reason you did was because you couldn't control you bodily functions and farted in Kiba's face. Deep down you know that was the only reason you won that match. You are not ready for the exams. I have asked another Jounin to take this month and train you in chakra control since that is your greatest weakness. Perhaps after the exams are over you will have enough control so I could teach you something but I am not going to teach you anything because truthfully, no matter what I teach you, you could not defeat Neji and I will not waste my time training you since at this time you're are not worth it. I will be taking Sasuke to train him since he is ready for the Chunnin exams."

Naruto narrowed his eyes and said "It's always about Sasuke. If you even spent half the time training me or Sakura as you do Sasuke then I might have believed you bullshit story just said but I know you never cared about either of us. All you have ever cared about is Sasuke an..." as Kakashi shushined away leaving Naruto standing in the hall.

Naruto said "Well screw you Kakashi. I will train myself and I will fight Neji and I will beat him and then I will beat everyone until I get to Sasuke and I will leave him lying in the dirt. Even if I have to make a deal with Kyuubi to do it!" as he turned and began to walk down the hall ignoring the scared looks people were giving him.

As Naruto rounded the corner and neared the stairs when a hand grabbed him from an open room and yanked him into the room before slamming the door shut.

Naruto who found himself getting up off the floor looked up and saw a man with brown hair and brown eyes looking at him and asked "Are you really willing to do anything to defeat the Uchiha you would be willing to use the Kyuubi."

Naruto asked "Who are you." as he looked around the room.

The man said in a commanding voice "Answer the question Naruto. Does proving you're not worthless mean that much to you that you could have everyone who doesn't hate you now hate you for using it. Do you really feel that you have no options."

Naruto glared and said "Yeah. I have nothing to lose. Nobody cares about me and nobody would give a damn if I died tomorrow so why not. If using the damn Kyuubi that everyone hates me for is the only way anyone will ever see me as something but the dead last idiot who doesn't even deserve to live, then so be it."

The man looked at Naruto for several minutes and asked "What if there was another way. A way that could cost you your life, but if you lived it would give you everything you need to succeed in life and never be the failure that everyone thinks you are. Would you be willing to take the risk."

Naruto thought several seconds and nods slowly and the man said "Good, come to this address tonight at 8 and try not to be noticed." as he handed Naruto a business card.

Naruto looked at it and read the address and thought "this is near the outside of the village where hardly anyone lives" and asked "Who are you?"

The man said "Someone who wishes to repay an old debt. Good day." as he turned and left the room.

Naruto looked at the address and frowned a moment and left as well.

At 8 pm Naruto walked up to the address and saw a two story house that looked run down with several broken windows and Naruto looked around when a voice said "Ah Naruto. Glad you could make it." causing Naruto to turn around and saw the man from earlier and Naruto asked "So what is it you want."

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