Chapter Eighteen: Woeful Victory

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As we both turned Super Saiyan, Pelsary and I were filled with new determination.  I had to do something I never thought I would do: toss away my pride as a Saiyan to defeat another enemy.

Gelida looked at us with a snarling sneer as veins popped from his head to his arms, and neck.

“You monkey!!!”  His tail bashed the ground, crushing it in places.  “You shall pay for insulting the mighty Gelida! Even Frieza hasn’t the gall to stand up to me, and yet you Saiyans just keep interfering and making a mockery of me! My power will not be insulted again!!”

I stared at Gelida with hatred-filled green eyes.

“You will pay, Gelida. For the way you and your kind have enslaved my people. For making me the hateful bastard you see before you! For taking me from my birthright just as Frieza took the mighty Prince Vegeta away from his birthright!!”

I stepped forward.

“Pelsary. If I were more powerful than you are, I would have made you stay away from the fight. The truth is however, we are equals. For now, at least. After this, I will prove that I am more powerful than you are! I will be your superior. But now, we have this piece of trash to deal with. Know this: I didn’t save you because I care for you. I just knew I couldn’t stand against Gelida alone. As much as my Saiyan pride is crushed for me to admit it.”

The truth is, I didn’t save her just because of the fight, but she didn't have to know that. She would have just mocked me again. As if she cared. She probably would have saved me for the reason I stated to her -- for the fight at hand. Any other situation, and she would have left me in the dirt.

“Ready?” I asked her.

She nodded. “Let’s do this.”

I entered my fighting stance, cracking my neck, as Pelsary entered hers. Gelida then let out a blood-curdling shout as he charged his power level. We did the same, and the fight was soon to commence. I charged forward, punching him in the core and kicking him in the nose.

“This is for the entire Saiyan race that your kind has destroyed mercilessly!”

Pelsary delivered a few blows to Gelida’s head, making blood seep out. We had him on the ropes. Finally, we had him in a helpless situation. Finally, we were getting our revenge.

After quite a few blows dealt to Gelida, we began to charge our attacks. I wasn’t preparing my finisher though. I wanted him to suffer as much as I have suffered.

“On three!” Pelsary ordered.  “One….two...three!!!! Jet Bomber!”

“Fury Breaker!” we shouted at the same time as we released our attacks.

Gelida saw the attacks aimed at him and stared in horror. He couldn’t charge his energy in time. He was done.

At least, we thought he was. The resulting explosion of energy was so bright, we couldn’t see a thing for a few seconds. After that, I was the first to open my eyes. Gelida was lying on the ground, bleeding and breathing heavily. I, too, panted as I landed feet-first on the ground.

“Damn it!” Gelida exclaimed as he punched a hole in the ground. He was reduced to such a sorry state that even he knew he couldn't survive another attack.

I took a step forward as I chuckled in an evil manner.

“So. This is the mighty Gelida. Brought to his knees by two Saiyans.”

I pointed my hand at him, and charged up a big ball of ki.

“And now, your demise will be at the hand of one.”  I started chuckling, then laughing maniacally.

Pelsary then teleported in front of me.  “You can’t kill him.”

I gave her a look that combined surprise and frustration.  “Why not?!”

“You can’t kill him here. We need him to take us back to the ship!”

“Damn it, Pelsary! Get out of the way before I turn you to ash like I will Gelida!”

“Then do it!”  She crossed her arms and stood there.

I waited a couple seconds, then decided to decrease my ki.  “You’re starting to piss me off. You better know what you’re doing.”

I reverted into my base form.

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