Sweet/Funny/Cute Stories

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First of all, I'd like to credit the Friendstertalk forum for these stories. :] So okay, here goes. THESE ARE NOT MY STORIES

1st story.

A girl kept slippin' letters in her ex bf's locker everyday... hiding herself in the codename: miss incomplete w/o giving the guy a clue. One day, to the girl's surprise as she was about to slip another letter, she read the note on the guy's locker saying...

"Miss incomplete, I think I'm fallin' for you all over again"

2nd story.

A guy and a girl decided to break up... many were shocked for their relationship. 'Twas so ideal. No one knows the reason why they separated...

Years later, the girl was asked by her best friend's daughter..

"Tita, did you ever had a bf?"

She replied, "Yes, we used to love each other so much but we decided to call it off"

Confused, the child asked "Why?"

Teary eyed she replied, "So that you have someone to call dad..."

3rd story.

There was a blind guy who hates himself because of being blind. He hates everyone except his girlfriend.

One day, the guy said that if he can only see the world, he will marry his gf. One day, someone donated eyes to him and then he saw his gf. His gf as asked him, "now that you can see me, will you marry me?"

the guy was shocked when he saw that his gf was also blind. He refused to marry her.

His gf walked away with tears and said "Just take care of my eyes."

4th story.

A girl wished that her bf will tell her "I love you" for her 18th b-day.. But she doesn't know that her bf lost his tongue by an accident.. His gift is just an ordinary doll. The girl got mad and throws the doll to the street and her bf run to get the doll back to her.. Suddenly, he got hit by a fast car..

In the hospital.. the girl ask him.. "why do you have to get that !@#$ doll?"

The guy cannot speak, before he died, he pressed the button at the back of the doll... a voice saying.. " Hi baby, I love you, I love you so much!"

5th story.

There was a guy who was tired of reading his gf's messages... "I love you. I miss you. Have you eaten already?"... One night, he received a message from his gf, but he didn't open it. Instead, he went to sleep. In the morning he was awakened by a call from his gf's mom, she was crying while telling him that his gf was raped and was killed that night when she texted him. He remembered the message. He read it. It was:

"Baby, please come here and help me, someone is following me!"

6th story.

A boy said: " Let's end this relationship, I'm so busy in my studies and I can't concentrate on it. You always text and call me.. The girl didn't answered and went away crying...

After 5 years... The boy missed the girl and he texted it... "Baby, I miss you." The girl replied..." Who's this?" Can we talk later? I'm so busy arranging my wedding."

7th story.

There was a girl who's confined to the hospital for 3 months. Her bf is always there to take care of his gf...

One day the guy had to go home to take his bath. He kissed his gf before he left... When he was in the elevator, there was a brown- out! Tears fell on his eyes... You know why? Kasi kuryente lang anmg bumubuhay sa gf niya.

8th story.

A guy is planning to ask his gf's hand for marriage. The girl, being her usual self, jolly, and childish, she was asked by the guy..."will you marry me?"

The girl just laughed, looked at the guy and said "Are you crazy? All I wanted to marry is sponge bob."

Disappointed, he looked at the girl then cried... the girl seeing his tears, wiped them and asked... "Would you be my SpongeBob?"

9th story.

A devil loved this angel but the angel didn't mind. One day, the devil got sick and was about to die. Then the angel asked "Why are you leaving me?"

The devil answered... "So I can be your angel and love you forever."

10th story.

Xbf: Do you have any idea what would happen to you if I die?"

Xgf: I might also die

Xbf: (blushing) why?

Xgf: sometimes, too much happiness can cause death.

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