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This cover is for Maria_Clarke29.

Information Provided: The story is about a girl who grew up reading all these love stories that said you'd meet your true love at school or something. She grows up with a few flings but nothing permenant and travels the world instead. I really need a cover that will help this stand out against all the love stories that everyone reads.

Ideas: I'd like something bold and quite simple. A light mood, nothing too bright though. I don't want a well known actor on the cover as I feel that ruins the story.

The title is: Authors Are Liars

The subtitle is : Travel, Learn, Live.

The author is: Maria Clarke

Awwthentic Note: I kept it Simple with just a slight work of highlight on the image and text effects. I used that heart to depict how she is caught by what she had believed in while growing up.

Feedback and Comments, Please.


Dated: 25/09/1024

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