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Jordan's point of view

Nervously I walk into the school hallway. I haven't seen anyone of my friends. Which is weird, since normally Alisa would come to my locker and she would walk together with me to the others but I haven't seen her and she hasn't text me

I am not really sure if I wanna see Olivia. Like I do really wanna see her pretty face. Then I can tell her how I feel and be over with it. But on the other side I don't wanna see her. Because I'm afraid I would say or do something stupid.

"Hey Jordan"I hear someone yell from behind me. I turn around and see the blonde haired girl form the music club.

"Hey fletcher"I say and fiddle with the strings of my hoodie nervously.

"Everything alright?"she asks and we walk together outside.

"Yeah. How are You?"I reply.

"Great. Great. I just wanted to ask you if you maybe wanted to sit with us. So we can get to know the newest member of the music club"she grins excitedly.

"Uh sure"I mumble and walk after her to a bench where a group people are sitting already.

"Hey guys. Look who i brought"fletcher says and sits down next to a brown haired girl.

"Hi" I smile shyly and sit down next to Valerie. I get a chorus of hellos back.

"Maybe we should introduce us first. Ya know so you know our names"a black haired girl says.

"Right I'll go first. I'm Cari fletcher. But most people call me fletcher."Fletcher introduced herself. "That is Valerie. But you know her already. Those are Clarke, Ashley, Jessica, James, Julian and Elena. And this is my girlfriend Shannon".

Woah that were a lot of names at once. I don't think I can remember everyone.


After talking and really get to know each other for another ten minutes, I see Olivia, Emily and Alisa walking to the building.

"Do you know her?"Shannon asks me. I figured out that she is the most calm one of the group. But she can be childish and funny.

"Yeah they're my friends"I nod.

"Oh right. I met Olivia the other day. She said she knows you"Valerie says and Ashley nods.

"Although she kinda looked jealous"Jessica smirks.

I can feel my cheeks become hotter. I turn away from her gaze, knowing I'm blushing.

"Ooh. What's going on between you two?"fletcher asks excitedly.

"N-nothing"I stutter. Everyone looks at me with a raised eyebrow. Or at least a some of them are trying to raise their eyebrow.

Before someone can say something the bell goes.

"This time you're saved by the bell. But don't think you can get away with this. We will talk about this"Valerie says and pets shoulder.

I sighed relieved and start walking to my first class.


I walk towards the table where we sit normally. Everyone is there already.

"H-Hey"I stutter out. Everyone looks at me. "Can we talk?". I ask Olivia. Emily and Alisa start to smirk. I roll my eyes and blush lightly.

"We will go. We have something to do"Alisa say and both Alisa and Emily stand up and walk away, leaving me behind with Olivia.

Here I go!

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