The Hamptons

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Labor Day weekend we packed up and headed to the Hamptons. We left Dodger at Chris's sisters house and I took Friday off so we could try to beat some of the traffic.

Chad's father owns a waterfront home in East Hampton and when we arrived I couldn't believe how magnificent it was. Secluded by trees the home was a classic cottage (cottage used lightly) with a modern twist.

There was a master suite and then a guest wing with 3 additional bedrooms. Hailee and Chad took the master suite leaving Chris and myself with a guest bedroom and Kirsten and Nate the same once they arrived later Friday night. Scott and his boyfriend were coming on Saturday and would get the 3rd guest room.

"Hi!" Hailee yelled waving widely from the huge wrap around porch of the home as we pulled up.

Chris and I exchanged an amused smile. Hailee was so much fun, but she could be wild.

She raced down the steps and practically drug me out of the car pulling her into her arms for a hug.

"Breelan Evans you're more gorgeous today then ever." She planted a kiss on my cheek. "And how I adore saying Breelan Evans!" She squealed. She turned to Chris who was stepping out of the driver side.

"C'mere old man. Your turn." She gave him a hug and he laughed.

Chad walked out the front door onto the porch with a beer in his hand. "Welcome!" He grinned holding his hands up in the air.

"Thanks for having us man." Chris walked up the steps and grasped Chad's hand giving him a quick pat on the back hug.

"Of course. Hailee will show you guys your room and then we can grab lunch if that sounds good to you?" Chad asked.

"I'm starving." My stomach rumbled. "Lunch sounds perfect."

We got our stuff situated in our rooms and I was in awe at the view of the water from our bedroom. We were so close to it you could hear the gentle waves crashing into land just outside our window.

I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and wrinkled my nose. Digging through my bag I found my brush and pulled it through the tangles of my hair. That's what I get for driving with the windows down I suppose. I wanted to change out of my blue cut off shorts and faded yellow tank top but Hailee said I didn't have too. I grabbed my straw fedora to cover my windblown hair and followed everyone outside to Chad's jeep.

We went to eat lunch at a place called Rowdy Hall. Everything looked good but I went with a hamburger while Chris decided on fish and chips.

"The house is beautiful." I said to Chad after we placed our orders.

"Thank you. It's been in my family since it was built in the 70's."

"Chad's daddy is from old money." Hailee explained with a smirk.

Chad rolled his eyes. "I never hear you complaining about it." He grinned.

"Nope!" She grabbed her drink wrapping her lips around the straw she smiled back.

After lunch Hailee and I wondered off to look in some of the boutiques and shops while Chris and Chad grabbed another beer and sat in the outdoor patio area at Rowdy's.

I was in a clothing store wandering around looking at different t-shirts that were all cute but all out of my price range.

"Hey pretty lady. Does your daddy let you date?" A deep voice came up behind me.

I burst out laughing and spun around to see Chris.

"Unfortunately I'm married." I wiggled my left ring finger in front of him.

"Oh that is unfortunate." He frowned playfully. "I hope the bastard knows what a lucky son of bitch he is." He wrapped one arm around my waist pulling me against him.

"I remind him daily." I murmured against his lips closing the space between us.

"Do you?" His lips curled into a smile and he pulled me tighter against him stumbling back a little.

I nodded wrapping my arms around his neck. His lips tasted like beer and I pulled back to lick my own lips after the kiss.

"Hey guys, knock it off." Hailee teased as she walked by.

I giggled as Chris smacked by butt before grabbing my hand.

"Where's Chad?"

"He's out front. Said something about a wine tour tonight so he wanted to go back to the house."

"Yeah Kirsten just texted me. She and Nate are on their way." I glanced at my phone. "I could use a nap I think." I yawned.

"Nap?" Chris's interest perked.

I rolled my eyes and slapped him away playfully.

"I guess your idea of a nap is the same as Chad's." Hailee said un-amused.

"Every guys idea of a nap is the same." Chris chuckled.

We walked out of the store and I groaned a little remembering how far we had walked from where the jeep was parked.

"Hop on." Chris nodded his head back.

I raised an eyebrow. "You offering me a piggy back ride?"

He nodded.

"Ok." I agreed before jumping onto his back. His fingers brushed under my shorts as he hoisted me onto his back and I squirmed with a squeal.

He glanced back at me with a devilish smile.

"You're really pushing it lately." I whispered in his ear before nibbling on it gently.

"When we get back to our room I can show you how hard I can push it."

I laughed loudly tightening my arms around his neck as we walked back to the car.

Kirsten and Nate arrived around 5:00 and we left for the wine tasting at 5:30. I had to laugh at the boys as they pretended to be educated swirling different wines in their glasses and swishing it in their mouths. Chris and I ended up buying a couple bottles of wine before we left to go back to the cottage.

I woke up the next morning later than I usually do. It was so peaceful listening to the water outside the window I didn't want to get out of bed. But we were going to the beach so I finally pushed myself to get up.

Scott and his boyfriend Zach arrived right before we left for the beach and we decided to take Chad's boat out instead.

Loading up coolers with beer and packing up snacks we ventured out for a day on the boat.

"This is amazing." I climbed onto the cushioned seating at the front of the boat next to Hailee and Kirsten. The wind whipped around us as we cruised through the water.

"Let's get a good picture." Hailee pulled her phone out and flipped it around as we huddled together. "Say....." She thought about it for a minute, "Say bitches love the Hamptons!"


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