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After that kiss, Lexi had no doubt that Michael loved her. It had been very nice to see him being asked about his intimate life and he answers by remembering her. I trusted him, who I feared most was Brooke. He had never trusted her. From the first moment he saw her he mistrusted her, and he had never been wrong. So far he had only brought her trouble. But it couldn't stay that way. She had kissed her boyfriend and that she couldn't let go. He hoped he would never see her again. She had better not meet her, although as she was, she would probably come back again and again in order to stay with Michael, which was quite difficult because everyone knew her intentions and knew her.After everything that happened that night, Michael and Lexi went to sleep in their room. It had been a long day. Michael wrapped his arms around Lexi while she was hugging him... He was thundering. A great flash of lightning could be seen from the window. Lexi woke up startled. Michael was still sleeping like an angel. He tried to get up by getting rid of his grip, careful not to wake him up to go to the bathroom. He was a little sick. There was a lot of pressure on his stomach. When he came out of the bathroom Michael was gone. He didn't find him around the room so he went down to the first floor. Everything was dark. He went to the kitchen for a glass of water, and then went to the big room to see if it was there. When he arrived, the scene he found left her petrified. Michael was making out with Brooke, who realized Lexi was seeing them, so he looked at her with contempt. Lexi took a step back and the glass he was holding fell to the ground, breaking into pieces. At that moment he opened his eyes. Tears seemed to fall from his eyes. It had been a lucky nightmare. The same nightmare that had awakened her the other night...Lexi, despite waking up, could not hold back her tears. It had been horrible, just the fact that I thought I could lose Michael because of that girl... Michael felt her uncomfortable, saw that she had woken up and noticing her discomfort he approached him hugging her and kissing her on the forehead. Lexi reciprocated the hug and clung to him still saddened by her nightmare. Michael told him to calm down and asked what was wrong with him. Lexi told him it was a bad dream. He was determined that he would unburden himself by telling himself. Lexi just told him that he had dreamt that he was getting away from her. Michael hugged her more strongly, and consoled her by telling her that it would never happen. He loved her with all his heart and couldn't live if she wasn't in his life. Michael grabbed her face by joining her lips in a kiss, and then encouraged her to go back to sleep a little longer. It was still early. Hugging her, she slowly fell asleep in Michael's arms, and together they spent some more time in bed sleeping....A few hours later, they woke up. Lexi was more animated. She had managed to sleep a little better during that time, and the best thing is that when she woke up she was hugging the boy of her most beautiful dreams. Once up, they went downstairs for breakfast. While they were doing it, they listened to the radio a bit. A song began to play that Lexi liked very much so she started dancing trying to make Michael laugh. He took a spoon as a microphone and began to dance and sing trying to imitate the singer. Michael laughed when he saw Lexi so happy doing all those gestures that she did. Lexi encouraged Michael to dance with her. At first she covered her face because she was embarrassed, but then she gave in and the two of them together continued dancing and singing for a long time, song after song. Lexi was going to walk around on herself, but one foot failed her and she fell on Michael who also fell to the ground when someone fell on him. Both ended up on the floor. Lexi was on Michael. Neither of them could avoid laughing before the fall. Lexi was a little clumsy sometimes. Michael looked at Lexi as she laughed and stole a short kiss and then got up and helped her get back on her feet.They had spent a nice morning, enjoying each other with music, breakfast and laughing together. After lunch, Michael took Lexi home. Once there, both Lexi and Becca insisted that he stay a while longer with them. He had no problem spending more time with his girl so he accepted and there they spent the afternoon together. They watched a couple of movies, listened to music and also danced and sang this time with Becca who was pretty clumsy too.They were dancing to a Michael song, when Becca stepped on a cushion and slipped on her ass to the floor. Everyone started crying, even Becca laughed at herself. She had some peculiar ways of falling.It started to get dark and Michael, even if he didn't want to, had to leave.He said goodbye to Lexi with a kiss and a big hug, then he also hugged Becca and left.The two friends stayed at home talking for a while before going to bed. Lexi told Becca how she had a good time with Michael especially in the morning. She also told him what Michael hadn't told her and what had happened the night before with Brooke. Becca looked incredulous and surprised at all the information her friend gave her. How could there be people without shame in the world...Then she told him about the interview they had televised of Michael, and her friend looked at her with a cheeky face. Michael had said that there was someone special in her life, referring to her. His friend laughed at the thought of Lexi's face when she heard what he said in the interview. He congratulated her on it and wished her well. And of course, I counted on her for anything, especially if they had future problems with Brooke. They weren't alone. Lexi thanked her and gave her friend a hug, then said goodbye and went to their rooms to rest.Lexi went to sleep thinking about the nice moments she spent with Michael and forgetting any bad ending...

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