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Olivia's point of view

(The day Jordan kissed her)

I sit frozen on the bench where Jordan left me. Flustered I touch my lips. I still can feel Jordan's lips on mine. It felt so great. I wish I could do it again. But this time for real. Not just a quick kiss and then have her run away.

I sigh dreamily, thinking about Jordan and I. How badly I want her to be mine.

"Hey. Are you okay?"I hear a boy ask. I look to the place where the voice is coming from. A brown eyed boy, which I recognize from somewhere, is standing at the side of the bench.

"Do I know you?"I ask confused. Why would a stranger talk to me?

"Oh Uh I'm jack. We go to the same school"the boy smiles. Which makes me look at his lips. It's like they're not there. Now I take a real look at him, he reminds me of brad Simpson.

Also didn't Alisa say something about how she likes a boy named jack Simpson.

Oh shit what if it is his son?

"Yeah. I still don't know who you are" I mumble and roll my eyes.

"Right Okay. Maybe you can get to know me"he smirks and sits down on the bench besides me.

"So back to the reason why I talked to you. Are you okay?"he asks again. "I mean. I saw someone running away from you. And you sat there so flustered, staring straight ahead of you".

"Yeah"I sigh.

"Uh I need to go. I'll see you in school or something"I say and stand up.

"Bye"he smiles. I start walking to my house.


"Mom! I'm home!"I yell.

"You don't have to yell so loudly. I'm standing right beside you"I hear mom say from my right side. I jump.

"Woah. You scared me"I say and place my hand over my chest.

"I know. How was school?"she asks and walks into the living room with groceries.

"Hmm Good"I mumble and take off my shoes.

"And how was you date with Jordan?" Mom smirks.

"It was not a date mom"I sigh and roll my eyes. She hums and smirks.

"Right. I actually wanted to tell you something"i say and watch my mom while she places away the groceries into the cabinets.

"Hmm What?"she asks when I sit down on a chair by the kitchen table.

"I Uh. I'm bisexual"I say and look away from her.

"I know"mom says and she walks over to me. She takes my chin between her thumb and her pointy finger and turns my head to her. "I love you no matter with who you are or what you are".

I smile and hug her. "I love you too mom".

"Okay. Now do your homework. I'll make dinner"she says and pets my head. I roll my eyes.

I walk to my room and lay down on my bed. I take my phone out of my pocket and decide to call Alisa. To tell her what happened today.

"Alisa!"I yell the moment she picks up the phone.

"why do you always have to ruin my nap time"I hear her grumble.

"don't be so grumpy. I Have something important to tell you"I laugh softly.

"Ooh did you finally see Jordan's big cock"she asks excited.

"wtf. Alisa no. Don't be such a dirty teenager. Anyways what I wanted to tell you is Jordan kissed me"I sigh and turn to lay on my back.

"What! When, where?"she shouts excitedly.

"Ugh. We went to eat ice cream together. And then we were talking and she kissed me out of nowhere and ran away"I explain, massaging my temple.

"You went to eat ice cream together? Like a date?"Alisa asks.

"What no. I don't know. She just wanted to hang out"i exclaim.

"Right. Just tell her how you feel Olivia. But right know I have to go. Bye bitch"she yells and hangs up. Weird child.

I sigh. Should I tell Jordan how I feel. Maybe not. I would ruin the friendship.

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