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Wade narrowed his eyes at the white car leisurely driving down the back road. The light-color flickered through the trees as it came their way. He rubbed his wrist across his nose. The smell from the containment center putrid. Filth, muck, death, and if one paid attention the sweaty smell of fear.

Rage built up in him. If they left Skye and Kelsey there to rot in that mess... Wade couldn't think about that anymore, or he would choke on his anger. Jack told Jesse they were working on a cure with the White Coats. Wade didn't remember any of those here. What was that man up to?

Wade's hand tightened on the rifle in his hand. He grunted his understanding when Reed whispered there had been two cars going in. There was only one now.

Wade's truck blocked the road. When Jack's car rounded the curve and saw the group, they slowed. Jack got close enough Wade could see his puzzled look before saying something to the driver.

"Joe!" Wade ran for the car before he put in reverse. Fury fueled Wade, and for a fleeting moment, he wondered if this is what Dylan felt during his rages. It was freeing in a way, but also 


Wade and Joe reached Jack's car. Wade yanked the handle to find it locked. Joe raised his gun and fired a shot into the driver's side. The driver cringed against the back of the seat. Joe punched the unlock button, and Wade threw the door open and dragged Jack out of the vehicle.

"Where is she?" Wade roared at Jack. When Jack didn't answer but shook his head with his hands up, Wade shouted again. No answer earned Jack Wade's fist.

Wade bent to Jack's face as he lay in the dirt. "Where is she?" This time his voice was low and hard.J

ack shook his head. "Who? Who are you talking about?"

Wade gathered some of Jack's shirt in his hand and dragged him to the back of the group. When Jack struggled for release, Wade bashed him again. When they reached Jesse, Wade stopped. "This him?"

Jesse stepped forward, and Jack's face fell. Jesse answered by kicking Jack's side then spitting on him. When Wade started to haul Jack up, Jesse stopped him. His face set in anger, Jesse drew his foot back again and again until Jack gasped waiting for each blow.

When it seemed Jesse wouldn't stop, Spencer laid a hand on his shoulder. "Jesse."

Joe, holding the driver at gunpoint, stared at Spencer. "Leave him be."

Spencer ignored him and looked at Jesse. "Is this what Dylan would want?"

Jesse spit on Jack again and rubbed his shirtsleeve across his mouth then walked back to the group.

Wade stood over Jack and pushed his rifle into the man's neck. "You answer me now, or I'm gonna let the boy back at ya. Then I'll take my turn."

Jack glared back until Wade pushed his gun a little deeper then he looked away. "I already gave them away."

Wade's anger grew larger with each passing moment, the heat in his chest spreading to encompass his whole body. It was all he could do to keep his finger from tightening on the trigger. He stared at Jack. "What does that mean? To who? Them?"

"No, not them. We just meet here."

"You better start saying more, or I'm gonna start blowin parts off you." Wade moved his rifle to the man's knee.

Jack sent a nervous glance to the gun. "We have an arrangement with these scientist-types. I've only seen them once, and I'm not sure where they come from. They have some goons come to pick up the merchan -- people." Jack looked from Wade to the group. "But we already made the trade, and they're gone."

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