“You know, we didn’t need to use those handcuffs. We could have done it the easy way if you had cooperated.”

Mami glanced up at the female officer who stood up against the wall adjacent to the table she sat at and promptly narrowed her eyes into a glare. She huffed without giving a response to the woman and looked back down at her hands. Her right wrist was cradled in the grasp of her left hand that slowly and gently massaged her aching wrist. This was why she never trusted the police. They couldn’t be trusted. They couldn’t even have the decency to listen to her when she told them the handcuffs were far too tight.

Why was she even here? Mami didn’t want to be here in the slightest. She was only here so the school and the police could pat themselves on the back and pretend they had done something useful. It’s not as if anything would come out of this; she knew the initial fear she had held seeing that video was ridiculous. Even if her mother was caught, nothing would happen to her. Her mother would easily get out of anything.

“We’re only trying to help you, kid. We could help you more if you weren’t being so difficult.” Mami scoffed at the tone the officer had used. She lifted her head again, shooting the officer a nasty look that clearly bothered her from how she tensed up where she stood.

“That’s one hell of a way to try and convince me to talk to you people,” Mami shot back at her in a sarcastic tone. She let a smirk slip onto her lips and chuckled softly when the officer pursed her lips in annoying. Help… No one was trying to help her. No one would ever help her.

Mami let her head drop again, slowing her rubbing movements around her wrist until her hand came to a standstill. She began to grip harder, digging her nails into her wrist and feeling the bone that laid just beneath the surface of her skin. Her eyes softened a bit from the harsh glare she had been shooting the officer while her mind began to wander.

Had any of the girls seen her get taken off the campus like that? Mami wasn’t so concerned about Aina and Hinako. This wouldn’t be the first time Mami had been taken in for questioning. Although it would be the first time she was handcuffed so perhaps they would be worried. The teenager knew those two would understand that she was capable of fending for herself.

Rather, it was Tomomi that Mami worried for. She had learned how Tomomi thought and a skill of Tomomi’s was overthinking and overreacting. If Tomomi saw Mami getting taken away in handcuffs, she knew that the brunette would no doubt worry about her and probably think she had been arrested. When Mami had decided to give the officers a hard time, she hadn’t accounted for how Tomomi would feel if she saw it. More than anything now, Mami wished she would have gone willingly with them so she wouldn’t even have to take the chance of subjecting the brunette to that.

Perhaps Tomomi wasn’t worrying though. After how Mami had been reacting to her lately, Mami honestly wouldn’t blame the brunette for learning not to care. Mami did have a knack for pushing people away. It was practically one of her specialties at this point. As much as Mami didn’t want to push Tomomi away, she knew deep down that it was only a matter of time before she did.

The blonde’s thoughts were interrupted when she heard the heavy door to the interrogation room be pushed open, the second officer from the principal’s office emerging from the other side. He coughed lowly, grabbing the manila folder that had been tucked beneath his arm. Mami watched him carefully as he walked over before setting the folder onto the table and sitting down from across Mami.

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