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Sophia's POV
Brody finally made it back to land with the boat. I stay in my seat as I watch him grumble about me.

"Did you like swimming?" I laugh.

"Your lucky your our future Luna and I like you or else I would throw you right back in," he says taking his shirt off. I walk over to him and he shakes his hair off on me.

"Hey watch it I'm finally dry waiting for you to cross the rest of the lake," I say slapping him.

"Well this wouldn't happen if you didn't leave me stranded," he says throwing his shirt on me. I groan because now my shirt is wet.

"Brodyyy," I groan. He gives me a smirk and then starts taking his shorts off.

"Woah there hi behind the trees," I say pointing to the cluster of trees.

"Oops sorry," he says quickly running over to the trees. He comes out wearing fresh clothes.

"Can we go hunting because I promised my wolf we would find some deer or something," I ask him.

"I just changed," he groaned.

"Oh well," I say. I let my wolf come forward tearing the clothes in the process. I sit back and let her do her thing.

"Why do I even bother," I heard Brody mumble. I heard bones crack but we didn't wait for him. She took of following the scent of the fresh meat of a group of deers. We couldn't hear anything but our paws hitting the forest floor as we run looking for them. The leaves crunch as we run towards the scent. She starts to slow down as the scent gets stronger. There was a group of about 10 deers. She crouched behind the bushes and spotted a large female near the bush and set her eyes on it. She slowly inched her way towards the deer. She turned her head the other way and it was a mistake. She pounced from where she was hiding and she aimed for her neck. She was about to make contact but it never came. There was a large impact on my side and my back hit my tree. I look at what happened and saw a gray, almost white, wolf next to me. The pain in my back caused me to shift back to skin. My wolf was pissed at this other wolf for making her catch get away. I groan in pain from the impact of the tree. I felt blood rush down my back and a lot of my leg was scratched up as I try to sit up.

"Oh my god Sophia are you okay," I heard Titus' voice ask. It hit me that Titus was the one that hit me.

"What did you do," I growl.

"I was going for the deer but then I saw you and I tried to stop but I couldn't," He explained. He got up and ran towards the nearest rock and giving me a shirt. The back of the shirt stuck to me because of the blood.

"I'm fine," I say pushing him away as he tried to look at my injuries.

"You're obviously not the fucking pain made you shift back," he growled back at me.

"Don't you dare growl at me you're the one that caused them and I've had worse." Guilt flooded his face and his eyes seemed to soften.

"Let me just get you home so I can bandage your back. I think my claws dug some of your fur our and I think I bit your leg," he says standing up and holding out his hand for me. I got up without his help and tried walking but the pain was to much. I hissed in pain and my legs buckled as I tried to take another step.

"Why are you sos stubborn let me help you," he says from behind me. I sigh in defeat as he walked over to me. He couldn't carry me bridal style because of my back. He grabs my arms and wraps it around his neck. The sparks that it gave made it almost unbearable to be mad at him.

"Jump," he whispered into my ear. It sent shivers down my spine. I jump and he grabs me a little to close to my butt.

"Watch your hands," I says slapping him. He mumbles a 'sorry'. I wrap my legs around him and rest my head on his shoulder.

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