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Alisa's point of view

I sigh as I walk over the grass in the park. I sit down on a bench and look at the grad field in front of me. Beautiful little flowers are starting to grow. The grass looks greener than normal, since it's still wet because it was raining all night. The sun is shining, making the water drops sparkle. Birds are singing and flying around without caring what's going on beneath them.

It's just so peaceful and beautiful.

I wish I could feel like this when I'm at home.

Everything change so drastically since Leah was such a bitch towards Jordan. Mom and ma are both angry at Leah and themselves. At Leah because she is just being unreasonable. Like it's just Jordan. You had no problem being her friend before you knew she had a penis. She is still the same, only this time you know something more about her. And Leah saying she doesn't want to be friends anymore because of that is just ridiculous.

Both my moms and I haven't talked to Leah at all since then. I know it might be a little hard, since it's just Leah's opinion. And everyone may have a opinion. But she didn't have to show how she feels about it like that. Being so rude and pretending like Jordan is a monster from another planet is not going to change anything. It's not like you can ask to cut off her dick so you can be friends with her. She is who she is, And if you can't live with that. That's your problem then. Don't make it Jordan's problem too. It's just going to add more pressure onto everyone. Like act normal bitch.

Sometime I don't like a person because of who they are or how they act. But do you see me yelling at them saying that they're freaks just because they are who they are? That's not right. I can't tell anyone who they have to be, neither can Leah or anyone else.

We haven't seen Leah that often anymore. She's always out of the house. She goes to school early. She stays there longer too. Also she says she has a boyfriend and she hangs out with him. But nobody really ask about that since we're still ignoring her.

At night, I can hear my parents yelling at each other. They're both mad at themselves and acting it out at one another. They're most likely mad at themselves because they thought they could at least stop Leah from doing something like that to Jordan. But I think it's also because they feel like it's their fault. Like they had to introduce us to something like that. I mean like that there are people in the world who are a little bit different. And that's okay. They're people too. At least that's how I think about it. I think my moms are just mad because they think they should have taught Leah that we should accept people like that and not be disgusted. That we should respect everyone and their choices.

I don't really blame my moms. They did what they could do at the time. I don't really think my mom knew what intersex was before she met Jordan. Which is great, because that's how they show us how to respect someone who's different. Like that you're moms are examples for how we should accept other people.

And I think Leah is just hiding her real feelings. Like She has something going on right now and she hides it by being mean to Jordan. Seeking attention from our moms. And I kinda hope that once she has figured out what's going on with herself, She finally accept Jordan. And they don't have to be friends but at least be on good terms so everyone else is okay again.

Since the 'accident', My moms haven't talked to any of the other girls moms, Because they're too ashamed of what Leah did. And now they're always home together. Being alone. Like I know they miss their friends. They haven't talked to them since what happened. They don't even know what's going on between ally and tori!

I really need to make a plan to get everyone back together. But not Leah. She can rot in hell.


"Hey you're back"I hear someone say from behind me. I turn around and see jack.

"Oh hey jack"I mumble and turn back to look at the field. He sits down beside me.

"How are you doing?"he asks.

"Good and you?"I reply.

"Good good"jack answers and pulls his hand trough his hair. "actually I wanted to ask you something".

"Okay What?"i ask curiously.

"Do you wanna go on a date with me?".

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