Crack #2

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Don: When do you sleep?

Jon: I don't. Pass me my coffee would you?


Sierra: *to Benny* The last time I listened to, I got flung across the room.


Don: *laying on the floor* Life is pointless and meaningless.

Dashlie: Get the f**k off the floor and help me with the morning rush!


Tommy: So my mom forgot who I was yesterday.

Cory: How does a person forget someone they've known for years?

Shelby: Hey Cory.

Cory: Who the heck are you?


Don: I'm in love with you.

Richard: *shocked silence*

Don: Hahaha, April Fools!

Richard: April Fools was four days ago.

Don: ...

Don: *sprints away*

Richard: *sprints after him* You get back here you little s**t and explain yourself!


Jon: It's not like you ever killed anybody.

Benny: I'm assuming this is the part where you'd like me to lie?


Cory: Why would you give a ten year old a knife?

Tommy: He felt unsafe.

Cory: Well now I feel unsafe.

Tommy: Would you like a knife?


Duni: Just go to the hospital!

Uni: Oh, I'm sorry, is this OUR stab wound? Stay out of it!


Ddawn: Was that battle axe really necessary?

Dashlie: A lady should always accessorize.


Maddy: Antagonists are the worst characters ever! Like, who enjoys hurting others physically and emotionally?

Benny: I do.

Ddawn: So do I.

???: Same!

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