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i can't keep updating at the rate people are expecting me to. i'm still in school, guys. whether or not you understand that is up to you.
i am truly sorry for not updating but i cannot write this type of content on my school computers either, and honestly; i've lost interest in this book.

i have no idea where the story line is going, i have no idea when i'm going to update and i have no idea if i'll keep writing.

this book will be going on hiatus and a possible discontinuation, and i truly apologise. there has been so much stress on me lately and i have had no time to write this book, especially with no inspiration.

i will glady accept requests for oneshots or possible ideas that i have inspiration for.

thank you all for supporting me on this journey and i hope you check out my other book, which has five times the amount of inspiration i have for this book and i have time to write it since it's on my school computer. there are more on the way but they will be published during July.

but bringing that aside, if you need anyone to talk to or if you have a request for a oneshot, (maybe even a whope book if you give me enough inspiration) you can pm me anytime✌️🏽💓.

if you want to adopt this book please ask me first before writing. i will happily oblige💕.

thank you again and the details of the updates will be stated below.


oneshot: 1 day (min) - 4 days (max)
• first chapter = 3 days (i need to research into your idea.)
acrimony: every two weeks on a sunday

more books to come soon.


if you are unhappy with this message please keep it to yourself.
hate is not welcomed.

thank you all again💙

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