Chapter 12

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As the next week progressed, Mitch and Disco Werewolf took part in their usual doings. Mitch went to school by day, taking abuse from his teachers, occasionally sneaking out early to get in a nap before he danced the night away at Sweet Johnny's in werewolf form.

Meanwhile, the cast of characters in his orbit had their own ideas in mind.


Late Monday Morning

Boogiedown Barry and his precious Boo Boo entered the First National Bank of New York. It was an older, antique style building with large columns and tiled floors. There was a distinct echo that carried throughout the lobby.

Boo Boo wore a white, designer business woman's suit and a large floppy hat adorned with a red bow in the center. Barry wore his usual floral shirt and bell bottoms. That was standard Boogiedown attire.

The couple waited outside the office of Branch Manager David Watkins.

"How much this time?" Boo Boo inquired.

"Oh, you know," Barry said. "I've got to meet my club payroll. Lot of goons in my operation. Gotta keep everyone happy. Plus expenses. Plus a little walking around money."

"Three million?"

"Let's make it five."

"Such greed."

"Can't blame a guy for wanting the finer things in life."

An old man with a few tufts of gray hair on his head opened the office door. "Come in," Watkins said as he eagerly grabbed the young woman's hand. "Miss Larue, I can't tell you what an honor it is to meet you."

"Oh, are you a fan?" Boo Boo asked.

Watkins sat down behind his desk. Boo Boo and Barry took seats on the other side.

"I wish I could say I was but to be honest, I stopped listening to anything new after Old Blue Eyes," Watkins said. "But my grandchildren absolutely adore you. Why, when I said I was scheduled to meet with you today, they flipped out."

The old man pushed a notepad and pen across the desk. "In fact, and I know this is so unprofessional of me to ask, but if you'd sign an autograph, I'd be a shoe-in for Grandpa of the Year."

Boo Boo smiled. "I can do you one better. Barry?"

Barry opened-up his briefcase. Inside, there was a stack of black and white publicity shots of Boo Boo crooning in front of a microphone. Old Boogiedown handed his lady a photo and a felt-tipped pen.

"To whom shall I make it out to?" Boo Boo asked as she sat the shot down on the desk.

Watkins appeared to be beside himself with excitement. "Craig and Sarah."

Boo Boo scribbled away on the photo, then handed it over. The old man looked at it. "To Craig and Sarah, courtesy of Grandpa of the Year. Love, Boo Boo Larue."

Watkins grinned. "Thank you so much. This is...they're really going to get a kick out of this."

"Not a problem at all," Boo Boo said as she handed the pen back to Barry. "Now then, shall we get down to business?"

Watkins demeanor changed and suddenly, he was the same professional that he had been for forty years. "Yes, I spoke to..."

The manager looked at Barry. "Mr. Barry, is it?"

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