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I woke up with the sound of jungkook's voice

"Hyerim-ah wake up we're here"jung
Kook said and i opend my eyes and stand up and took my bag and went out of the plane and we see the other members waiting for us and we went out of the airport

And we see the fans of bts is already out side and we quickly walk so we can get out of the crowd and i just out my head down

jungkook and jimin are on both of my sides so the fans whouldn't know me and we went into so hee unnie's van

"How's vacation on philipphines?"so hee said she started the engine and drove off

"It was fun but.."i pause and look at jin oppa who's sleeping peacefully

"But what?"so hee ask"jin oppa is sick" i said and stop the car on the side that made jin oppa fly off his chair

And I quickly put jin oppa back in his chair"are you okay?"i ask and he nodded and i put his blanket up and he went back to sleep

"Why did u stop noona?"jungkook ask and so hee unnie got back to her mind
"N-no i-im ok--whatever lets go home i wanted to rest"so hee said and she drove off until we reach our house

I took my luggage and went inside and i went to my bedroom and to the bathroom room

And did my night routine and sleep


I woke up with the sound of a thunderstorm and i was finding my phone on my side table


Someone tap me on my shoulder

That make me shake on fear

But she/he hug me

"Shhhh...its me babe"his voice makes me calm and i hug him back"are you scared of thunders?"jungkook ask and i nodded

So we both lay me down and he put me in close to him

"Im right here dont worry to much okay"jungkook said and he kissed my forehead and i close my eyes

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