Chapter Four

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I was so happy I didn't even pay attention to Kasey, who kept telling me I was fat, I mean, I know I'm fat but nothing was going to ruin my happiness tonight, so I ate all of my food and kept it down.

I went to bed earlier than I used to, I was so excited to finally meet my sisters, my family.

I woke up 'cause someone was  shaking me non stop.

- Go away - I murmured with my eyes still closed.

- there's a fire, wake up!!  - they yelled pulling my blanket off me.

- Let it burn - I said pulling my blanket on again with open my eyes.

- Seriously Dani? - that's when I opened my eyes to see a smirking Dallas.

- Seriously Dallas? A fire? - I said sitting down in my bed and rubbing my eyes.

- Well, it worked with Maddie - she said sitting down next to me.

- Well, sorry, next time I'll pee myself and jump off the bed screaming - I said sarcastic.

- Would you?  Thank you - she said smiling. - Now, get your lazy ass up and go get ready.

- What the fuck Dallas?! It's 7:15 am on a Sunday! - I yelled checking my phone.

- I told you I was Going to pick you up early to have breakfast together before our flight - she said smiling innocent.

- Fuck you... - I said getting off the bed and walking to the bathroom.

- You melt my heart! - she yelled.

- What can I tell you? I'm a poet! -  I yelled back and I heard her laughing.

I finished my shower and I got dressed, I was wearing my black jeans, a white T-shirt, my black leather jacket and my red van's, brushed my hair and put on my red beanie and applied some make up, not to much.

- I'm ready - I said stepping out of the bathroom.

- Nice clothes, how did you get it? I mean... - she asked. 

- It's okay. I worked for it- I answered.

- You work? You're only 15. - she said.

- Is not actually a real job, we have a system here in the orphanage, if you want something, you have to work for it. - I said.

- Work like what? - she asked interested.

- Like cleaning, cooking, babysitting the youngest, stuffs like that... - I explained.

- Oh I see... Well let's go eat then,

After we ate, we headed to the airport and flew to LA.

When we landed, The happiness was replaced with nervousness but when we arrived to the house, I saw 3 people standing outside, I was beyond nervous at this point and Dallas noticed it.

- Baby calm down, everything it's gonna be fine - she said taking my hand while we stepped out of the car, The girl immediately ran to me smiling, hugging me tightly.

- So this is Maddie - Dallas said smiling.

- Hi - I said awkwardly.

- Hi! Omg I can't believe you're here! YAY! - she said excited.

- Haha I'm sorry she was so excited when we told her about you - the woman said smiling - I'm Dianna, welcome home darling.  - she said hugging me.

- Thank you - I said pulling away and smiling at her.

- I'm Eddie, I'm so glad to finally meet you. - Eddie said hugging me.

- I'm Danielle, it's so nice to meet y'all. - I said.

- Well why don't we get inside?  You guys must be starving.  - Dianna said.

- I certainly am mother - Dallas said Walking into the house like she was a supermodel.

- We're a weird family, you'll get used to it hahaha - Maddie said laughing and I copied her while we walked into the house.


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