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little!maknae line
caregivers! hyung line

warning: a mess, school au, potential book idea, extra character

this actually makes no sense and you'll see why later on but yea




the boy grabbed onto his bag straps tightly, face flushed as he stared at the big school.

he hadn't meant to slip halfway to school, and yet the constant nagging of how his new school was going to be-- even though it was a cg/l (caregiver/little) school-- caused him to feel anxious and worried made him slip while in the bus.

he had some trouble getting off the bus, and nearly lost his way to the huge school.

the boy, hair blue, named taehyung's bottom lip unconsciously pouted out, brows furrowed as he entered the building, hair bouncing up at how he was waddling.

the building was empty, sounds of giggles and teachers speaking filling the school; he was late.

unconscious of his surroundings, the boy bumped headfirst into a body, a much taller one at that, and shakily he looked up to see a mald smiling, dimples obvious.

taehyung was short for his age, and while big taehyung was quirky and cheery, little taehyung was shy and timid, making him an easy target for bullies at his previous school due to his sensitive nature.

"s-sowwy,"he muttered, looking down again as tears filled his eyes when the man didn't answer.

the man seemed to notice as he gently held onto taehyung's shoulder, pulling away so that both of them could easily look at each other,"hey, don't cry. i was just admiring your pretty hair," he smiled, taehyung sniffling but looking at the man in awe.


he nodded, ruffling his blue hair as he introduced,"i'm namjoon, a caregiver.  i assume you're new here?"

taehyung nodded softly," 'm- 'm taetae."

namjoon hummed, looking at the nametag the boy had on his shirt, telling his name and role; kim taehyung, little- 1 to 5.

"how old is tae now, hm?"

taehyung's lips turned up, showing off three fingers as he chirped,"t-thwee!"

"that's very cute, tae. do you know your class?"

taehyung nodded, frowning before he squeaked out in a small voice as namjoon pulled the boy closer, hands locking with his as taehyung's face flushed,"u-um, it's l-2!"

namjoon nodded, "i'll bring you there,  okay?"

he only recieved a small nod and squeak, making namjoon coo.

he brought the little to his classroom, leaving him outside as he smiled,"just go in and tell the teacher that you're new, okay? i gotta go back to class."

taehyung pouted but nodded, namjoon leaving him there and taehyung sighed.

taking in a deep breath, he pushed open to door, only to be greeted by screaming, a teacher assisted by another two calming and trying to make the noisy littles quiet.

taehyung flinched, his own eyes filling with tears, he went down, covering his ears as he sobbed.

the teachers seemed to notice him, one male teacher shouting and the littles slowly silenced as a female one went to taehyung.

taehyung's head jerked up at the touch of her hand, and he sobbed awY from her; he hated strangers.

"hey, hey baby, uh, taehyung? you're okay,"she whispered in the softest voice possible and taehyung sniffled, looking up at her.

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