The End

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What a beautiful word.

It holds a special place in your heart.

It represent fun and swimming. All kinds of fun activities.

And yet, the word also represents loneliness.

Your friends could go away and you could be alone.

Or you could be cooped up in your house, reading and cleaning.

Or you can be like me.

I'm a senior in college and today was the beginning. Of summer.

The last day of school. Really just a wasted day since you don't really do anything besides bade your friends farewell and watch movies.

But yet, this summer I decided to make the most of it.

I wasn't going to spend one more day inside, reading up on the latest romance novel.

I was a semi-introvert by birth , but after a comment from my friend, Jade Print, I decided to go out of my comfort zone and explore.

Meet new people, see new things.

And...have a summer romance.

And to think, this whole conversation started with a movie in the last hour, on the last day of school.

"Alright, class, today, we will be watching an inspirational film about monkeys!" The teacher said, forcing happiness through her voice.

The whole class groaned and I wedged further into my seat so as not to rock the boat.

The girl in front of me turns around.

"This is so stupid.  I know monkeys.  Monkeys eat bananas and that's all there is to know," Jade says.  She sighs and neatly fixed her pink headband.  Her blonde hair matches the color very well and her green eyes are full of annoyance.

"It doesn't matter.  You can't start a campaign about it," Kyle Markson, my other best friend cuts in.

Kyle is one year younger and very crazy.  Jade was class president for three years running and she tends to try to make changes even though it's college and it's not a big deal anymore.

"I can sure try," she tosses back, pulling out a sheet of paper and making marks all over it.

I sigh, hating to be caught in the middle.

"Oh, sorry Bella.  We don't mean to make you uncomfortable.  We were just having fun," Kyle says, shrugging genuinely.

I smile.  "It's ok."

"How do you stand him?  Kyle, you're dumb," Jade says pointedly.

She holds the piece of paper in front of my face.

"Look at how nice it looks!  Please sign it, Bella!" She pleads.

I give her a half smile and pull out my pencil, signing the first blank.

"Yay!" She exclaims, her eyes lighting up with excitement.

I sigh again, fixing my tight ponytail of my chestnut colored hair.

The teacher turns on the movie and the movie plays loudly throughout the room, making it impossible to talk to someone without the teacher hearing.

About half way through the movie, a note is thrown on my desk.

I glance at it, and hurriedly pick it up and open it.

Check your phone

I pull out my phone, trying to be sneaky, and open the latest notification.

It was a link to a website and the bold font talks about a sweepstake that could win you a vacation to the Caribbean.

My eyebrows furrow until I read the message.

Jade:  i know your summer will be boring, Bella.  Enter this, and if you win, then that would be great and if you don't, there's always a spot welcome for you with my family to Disneyland.

Bella: thanks:)

Jade: sure💛

I quickly fill out the small page of information and am pleased to say I have a bachelors degree in fashion.

As soon as I submit the application, I feel a sense of joy in my bones.

Now I just have to wait for the results.

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