3-"My name is Finn"

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Song of the chapter: Light me up by Phlex
Finn's P.O.V

I woke up and groaned. I have to go to the hospital. I hate hospitals. They're just ugly.

I stood up and went and took a shower. When I got out of the shower and after I had put some decent clothes; I left my room. I went down to the stairs and grabbed my motorcycle keys. I left towards the garage. I started the engine and the machine roared to life. I opened the garage door and rode through the empty streets of Augusta. It was early. Eight in the morning to be exact. Who even wakes up at this hour?! Oh right me. Because I have to work on something that they won't even pay me for. I have to be the maid for sick people all day. Caring of they're every whim. Augusta was very beautiful in the mornings. It was surrounded with huge forests or something.

As I entered the hospital's parking lot; I saw a few cars and many people. Nurses coming for their morning shift, doctors going home after a night shift with bags under their eyes. I went inside and walked over to the main desk. A women in her mid fifties greeted me.

"Hello dear, are you looking for someone?" She asked with a gentle smile.

"No ma'm. I'm looking for the children's ward. I'm Finn McMullen. I'm a new volunteer." I explained. Her smile got a lot bigger.

"Ah yes...here you are Finnegan McMullen." She said looking at the computer then at me.

"Just Finn is fine ma'm." I nodded. She chuckled.

"Right just Finn. You can call me Myrtle. And the children's ward. You go down the hall to the elevators then you press the third floor button and you are looking for Katie she's the lobby lady in the children's ward." She instructed.

"Thank you Miss Myrtle." I said behind my shoulder as I walked towards the elevators.

"Anytime just Finn." She laughed. I shook my head. I stepped onto the elevator and pushed the 3 in the buttons. Just as it was about to close I saw a girl running towards the elevator.

"Hold it please!" She yelled as she ran. I pushed the open door button. The girl got in. She was wearing a nurse uniform. She looked like she was in her twenties.

"Thank you so much." She said. Her hair was red and her eyes were a cute shade of hazel. She was quite pretty.

"Don't mention it...What floor?" I asked.

"Two." She responded looking for something in her bag. I nodded. I heard a ding signaling that we were in floor number two. She fished out of her bag a name tag. It said Peyton. Peyton got off and waved at me.

"See you later." She waved.

"Yeah bye." I waved back. The doors closed and I was alone for a bit.

A ding was heard and I stepped out of the elevator. The children's ward was beautiful. Murals were covering the walls. The ceiling was also beautiful half of the ceiling was a day sky and the other part was a night sky. Murals of just about anything covered the walls. Skyscrapers, forests, a beach. I saw a woman in a nurse uniform in the front desk. I walked up to her and cleared my throat. She sighed and looked up.

"May I help you?" She asked. I nodded.

"I'm Finn McMullen. I'm the new volunteer." I explained for the second time this day. She nodded.

"Ok Finn what you're going to do is head down the hall and you are going to see a door that says Employees only. Ok? You are going to knock and get in. You're going to introduce yourself and ask for Bernie. He'll tell you what to do." She explained. I nodded and headed down the hall. I saw the door and knocked. I opened the door and saw many people. Doctors, nurses, volunteers everyone with a cup of coffee in hand. I gulped.

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