My Beloved, Won't you love me...? 1.10

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We got back to our seat safely and Weiying immediately offered to go back home. The parents, were a little surprised but quickly agreed, they have nothing to do anyway.

We got to our car without any hinders nor troubles and the chaffeur drove back home. The ride wasn't so silent with mother and father talking but Weiying was. The information that was sent to me indicated that Weiying was a cheerful and positive girl so she's supposed to be talkative right? Or was it just my assumption?

As we're currently in front of the mansion. The maids attended to me quickly and was just about to bring me to my room until, "Wait! Sister, can we talk?" I yelled since I was far from her. Weiying who stood there right outside of the car, rooted in place absentmindedly, immediately noticed my yell and walked to me. Taking it as a sign of affirmation, "Let's talk in my room. I have many things to ask you, will that be fine?" I requested, looking pleadingly at her.

She nodded with a smile and followed us. After the maids finished helping me preparing I sat on the bed, looking straight into the wall as I sense her curious glance. "What do you need to ask?" She said gently.

"If... you don't mind saying, what happened back there?" I turned my head at her, anticipating her answer. Maybe the always offline system will give me great news when I hear all about it? Ah, just thinking of it gives me joy! It's hard completing tasks like this with no information, it has come to the point where I even suspect the system likes to play with its hosts.

Weiying smiled, "The usual. I asked him if he still remembered the things we did in our childhood and he declined." She paused for a while, silence filled the whole room. However, with each second of quiescity, her weak whimpers turned louder and louder. I didn't move, I didn't know what to do.

She then clenched her skirt tightly, "How could he betray our promise like this?!" Anger was clear in her voice as she loudened her voice yet also desperation and longing.

Tears were threatening to fall, her mouth opened agape and she used her hand to cover it. Sobs and whimpers were coming out. "I blame him! I blame everything! It has been years yet how can I still move on?!"

I sat there looking at her with guilt. Ah, I shouldn't have asked her. What more could I get out from her when I wasn't even sure if this could help my mission?  Moreover, I'd really like to slap myself. How could I be so insensitive to bring up this subject.

"I hate him! He's the reason why I'm still like this!" She wailed. I didn't know what to do. I don't know any comforting words, it wasn't in my nature. But all I knew is to let her cry and sob, thus I decided to do so.

"He's the one at fault!" Weiying still continued to blame him. Yet there was a part of me that thinks Weiying doesn't really blame him. Although we've only been together for a few days, I think it isn't in her nature to blame someone she loves. She could only blame either herself or her fate.

"If you want, we can stop talking about this-" I offered but got only cut off by her, "No, it's better to talk about this since you're now the only person who knows about my misery."

I was confused, "Don't mother and father know?" She shook her head and smiled bitterly, "They think I'm over it now, but it's the other way around." I only nodded in response.

"Other than the usual I did something else." This caught my attention. The information that was given to me by the system was that Weiying may be energetic and positive but she was also a jealous woman when pushed to her limits.

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