the one with a fond memory

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Felix and Changbin woke up to Hyunjin jumping onto Felix's bed. They both shouted and tried to push Hyunjin off, but it was no use.

"So," he said, "You two have been awfully couple-y lately. So spill. I want every single detail. Tell me when you two fell for each other, when you guys had your first kiss, just tell me everything."

Changbin rubbed his eyes as he sat up. "You sure are... chipper this morning. What time is it? And who let you in?"

"I came in through Felix's window. And it doesn't matter what time it is! Just tell me the friggin story already," Hyunjin whined.

There were a few minutes of silence between the three, but it was interrupted when Hyunjin demanded to know about Changlix' first kiss.

"It was before the seventh grade winter dance," Felix muttered, still not fully awake. "He wanted to kiss his crush, Dahyun, but he was realy scared, so I told him 'Be confident! Practice on me' and I meant he should practice his confidence and talk to me, but—"

"But instead I kissed him," Changbin finished. "Felix and I ended up making out for a while and we were late for the dance. Dahyun showed up with Sana, and during the slow song I was gonna ask Dahyun to dance, but I looked up and she and Sana were already out there kissing on the dance floor."

Felix chuckled. "So this sad idiot had to come hang out with me for the rest of the night. I had to listen to him complain for two hours because he'd spent so long trying to build his confidence and then it was all for nothing. Then he wanted to make Dahyun jealous, so he kissed me again. We had to leave early because one of the chaperones was yelling at us for making out on the bleachers."

Hyunjin squealed. "That's so cute. I actually remember you two getting kicked out of the dance!" All three of them laughed as they thought back on that night. It was a simpler time for all of them. And though it used to be easier, they all knew that none of them would ever give up what they had now.

Life was stressful and complicated. But all nine boys had each other, and it was enough.

a/n: all of the spicy-ish pieces of the story (aka kissing scenes/hickeys/whatever) are either taken directly from or based off of my own experiences, and i mentioned that to a friend who reads this fic and they said "that makes me think of you differently" and i'm still laughing several days later please send help

also, when i posted a chapter 2 hours ago, i was thanking yall for 7.84k reads and now we at 7.93k thanks babes i really hope yall like this story

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