Chapter 14: Escape From Ambition

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“Kim. Come,” The Lady said. “Look in the mirror and tell me what you think.”

The Lady motioned to Kim’s side. Kim looked and saw a mirror where there definitely had not been a mirror a moment ago. 

Kim walked over and looked at herself in the mirror. In the mirror she was wearing an intensely glamorous dress that hit all her curves in all the right places. An Alaïa, Kim guessed. She turned and looked back at it, like Haaaay.

“I hesitate to even mention how many K-Stars that dress costs up in Hollywood, but you can well imagine,” The Lady said. “In Ambition we don’t believe in inhibiting one’s creativity. See?”

Kim turned around and the simple room they’d been standing in was now a high-end retail shop, with racks of tops and dresses and accessories in rows that stretched as far back as she could see. 

“A woman as breath-taking as you should not be bowing and scraping for clothes, running pointless errands in hopes that it’s part of some mysterious, unknowable plan. These clothes look magnificent on you, what else should you have to prove to anyone?”

Kim found it difficult to look away from herself in the mirror. Part of her wanted to go tearing through the aisles, trying on every single thing in sight, but part of her wanted to just linger here at the mirror. 

“Right?” she found herself replying to the woman. She shook her head clear when she heard the sound of her own voice. “I mean yeah. Yes, you’re right. But I’m actually not actually super concerned with clothes.”

Something glinted in The Lady’s eyes, a look of deep understanding and recognition. “Deeper and deeper we go,” she said. 

The Lady pressed her hands together and Kim blinked and now the clothes were gone and they were no longer in a shop but somewhere darker, a cave? No: a library. It was dimly lit and it felt like they were deep underground, but they were surrounded on all sides by imposing stacks of books, ancient and dusty and brittle, piled high and falling over each other in every direction. Kim noticed obscures runes running along their spines.

“What is this,” Kim said, her heart rising.

“My collection,” The Lady said. “Some tips and tricks I’ve picked up over the years. This is knowledge, my dear. And what is knowledge?”

“Power,” Kim whispered.

“Good girl,” The Lady said. “Every spell, every enchantment, every glamour known. It has taken me a lifetime to gather together, but there is no limit to what one might accomplish with access to this library. I can already tell that you are special. You could easily become one of the most powerful celebrities here.”

“Awesome, totally,” Kim said. “That sounds great but actually this is all kind of temporary for me. I really just need one spell, basically. Well, maybe two.”

The Lady turned her head curiously. “Which spells might those be?”

“So, killing Willow Pape is kind of my whole thing, or it has been. Do you know her? She’s hateful. Anyway. I was thinking I needed to kill her so I could get back home, but actually maybe there’s a spell here that can just get me home without having to bother killing her? As much as I want her dead and would enjoy watching her suffer, I actually do not care about her, like at all. So if I could just peace this world out entirely than who cares. Willow Pape can ess an effing dee imo.”

“You wish to move between worlds?” The Lady asked. “But that’s easy. With our powers we can travel back and forth between Ambition and Hollywood with no trouble at all. Complete The Hack and this can be the first thing I teach you.”

“No,” Kim said. “Not Hollywood. Home. Like home, home. My home beyond Hollywood? Where I originally come from? If that makes sense? I’m not sure how to explain it.”

The Lady was silent.

“I’ll be able to do that, right? Get home?”

The Lady hesitated a moment too long. “Totally!” she said, in the least convincing voice possible.

Kim took a step back. 

The Lady took a step forward. 

“You have no idea what I’m talking about, do you,” Kim said. “Your unlimited power is limited to these worlds.”

The Lady leaned into Kim. “I am the most powerful enchantress in this world or any other, and you would do well to mind your tone, Kim. Now,” The Lady straightened up, smiling, resetting the conversation. “Let’s just finish up your Hack and then unlimited money and power will be yours, to do with as you will. Let’s hurry dear, that particular outfit you have on isn’t very flattering at all.”

“Umm,” Kim said. She paused, then she turned and ran, as fast as she could, away from The Lady.

She ran through the stacks, past rows and rows of books, until she came to a door. It was locked. She pulled and pulled and was finally able to Open The Door with 4 Energy.

She ran through the door and found herself outside? on a yacht? But she kept running, as fast as her strappy heels could take her. She crossed to the other side of the yacht and then found herself in a crowded night club, with repetitive electronica blaring everywhere around her. 

She pushed through the crowd of bouncing gray bodies, heading towards the back of the club, desperately searching for an exit. At last she found a door, but it was blocked by dudes in baseball caps, all trying to get her number using the dumbest lines ever. 

Kim used her last 6 energy to Ruin The Men’s Confidence and clear them out of the way. She went through the door and found herself now in her own apartment, in Downtown L.A. Except it was nicer than she’d left it, completely furnished. 

She saw The Lady seated on the couch, petting the adoptable cat. 

“There’s nowhere for you to run, Kim. You’re being terribly immature. Just complete The Hack and let’s get back to trying on clothes.”

“What do you want from me?” Kim yelled. She was crying, her mascara starting to  smudge, but she barely even cared.

“I want your heart, of course,” The Lady said. 

“What? Why do you need my heart?”

“So we can be friends. So we can hang out and try on clothes and do spells together all the time forever.”

“You don’t want to be my friend,” Kim said. “You just want me to Like you. All you care about is having as many Followers as possible. But I am Kim Kardashian. I am not some mindless Follower.” 

“There’s only one Kim Kardashian, dear, and you are not her.”

“That’s not true!” Kim screamed.

She tried to run again but with the tiniest flick of her wrist, The Lady unleashed a force wave that crashed into Kim, flinging her back against the wall.

The Lady leaned over Kim. “Open your heart, Kim. It belongs to me now.”

“No! You are awful! Get away!” Kim screamed. She was completely out of energy. There was nothing she could do. This majorly sucked. Everything was terrible.

The Lady reached out toward Kim. She was going to pull Kim’s heart right out of her chest. 

All at once the room was filled with a bright, impenetrable light. Kim heard a man’s voice, guttural and low, casting a curse of some kind. Then a wave of giant Moyai emojis swept past her, knocking The Lady back across the floor. 

Kim looked up and saw a man towering over her. His arms were covered in tribal tattoos and his newsboy hat was pulled down low over his eyes.

“Luther?” Kim said.

“Come on,” Luther said, reaching down to pull Kim up. “Maria can’t hold the portal open for long. And you’re late for your shift.” 

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