The truth

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        I used to be able to help people when they need it and I usually can give advise but now.. I really don't know anything anymore. I can't tell people things that I no longer believe. I can't tell people "it's ok things will get better" because I no longer believe that. I can't tell people to stay strong because I'm not strong and I break down and I'm weak and I'm nothing. I'm sorry I can't help, I'm sorry I'm not what you wanted. I've given up on happiness, I've given up on having a good life and I stopped believing that things get better. For me things haven't gotten better they got worse and I've lost all hope. I'm a lost soul just waiting for the time when I get to leave this world. I tell myself everyday "nobody will miss me I'm not worth any tears." I believe that and that's about the only thing I believe now. I don't even know why I wake up in the morning, I have no reason to. I'm alone, I may have friends and family but nobody knows what I'm going through, nobody can save me. I only have me, myself, and I. I try to push everyone else away but no matter what they still keep bothering me. I just wanna be alone. Being by myself helps me realize that this isn't a dream or movie it's life, it's reality and in reality not everything's happy and there's not always a happy ending. That's how I live my life and there's nothing that can change that.

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