the one where he finds comfort

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"Changbin," Felix sobbed into his phone, "I know I've been a dick this week, but please come over. I-I really need you right now." From the other side of the phone call, he could hear shuffling noises, which he presumed to be Changbin getting out of bed.

"I'm on my way."

A few minutes later, Felix's phone lit up with a text, Changbin notifying him he was outside. Felix crept down the stairs to let his best friend inside, where they both snuck back up to Felix's room. They collapsed on Felix's bed, and the younger boy began sobbing again.

Changbin had seen this before. "Another nightmare?" He asked. Felix nodded against his chest. He began playing with Felix's blonde hair, which always calmed him down, as he held him close and hummed a calming melody. "What was it tonight?"

"The usual," Felix sniffled, "Just reliving the night dad gave me this stupid, ugly scar— except..." he trailed off as he hugged Changbin tighter.

"Except?" The older boy urged him to continue.

"Except this time when I saw his face it wasn't my dad," he whispered, "This time I saw you. This time you were the one breaking the glass and attacking me, and I had to watch my mom hit you with the frying pan, and I had to see you bleeding on the floor while she called an ambulance and I went to get Cassie."


"You wanna know why I've been avoiding you?" Felix asked, pulling away slightly to look at Changbin. "Because you drink. Just like he did. And I don't want to watch one more person I love spiraling down into this disgusting desperate state of needing to get drunk just to be happy for a couple of hours. It makes me sick, Changbin, having to watch you slowly killing yourself. Have you considered what you're doing to yourself?! Have you considered what you're doing to me?"

Another choked sob disrupted the quiet room, except this time it came from Changbin. "I want to stop," he wept, "I just have no idea how. For so long this is all I've known. The only other thing that makes me happy is you, and it scares me how much I care about you."

"Binnie," Felix whispered, "You can stop. If I make you happy, then let me be your motivation. Whatever it takes, you're quitting tonight."

"Okay," Changbin sighed.

"Say it," Felix said sternly.

"I'm quitting tonight."

a/n: finally an update after five days of me being super busy and then sad af

it's only been a few days and already this story is at 7.84k reads?? thank you guys so much for reading, and i promise i'll update again soon

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