chapter thirty four - April Fools and the Humiliating Prank

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Marlene sighed, dropping her copy of Witch Weekly onto her mattress and frowning as she sat up. "I can't find anything that suits me. It's hopeless, I might as well not go." She said.

Lily rolled her eyes at Marlene's dramaticness and said, without even looking up from her Charms textbook,"We still have two months to dress-shop." Referring to  the end-of-term that Headboy and Girl Alice Fortesque and Daniel Holland had planned

"She's right," Dorcas added as she tied her curly hair into a long ponytail. "Besides, your whole wardrobe is stylish."

"Aww, thanks," Marlene grinned and held out a hand for Lily to pull her up from the bed. Then, with Laurelle grabbing her bookbag, they set off for breakfast.

It was clear from the group of nervous-looking first years heading towards the Portait Hole to the three seventh-year girls walking on the couches to leave the Common Room that everyone knew what was coming: The Official April Fool's Humiliating Prank, named and done by The Marauders.

Every year since their second-year, The Marauders had done harmless, yet humiliating pranks on unsuspecting students. Ranging from setting off Silent Snappers every time a student sat somewhere so that the school was in hysterics as loud farting sounds came from everyone, to making all the first years in the school speak in Mermish, it was very much understandable why people were looking cautious.

They crawled through the Portait Hole and were starting the walk to the Great Hall when Marlene suddenly pointed straight ahead eagerly. "Look, there they are. Let's go find out what they're up to."

Lily followed her finger, and indeed, the four boys were just ahead of them, standing close together as they walked.

Lily smoothed her robes and ran a hand through her hair as she followed after Marlene, Dorcas and Laurelle. At the sound of their approaching footsteps, all four boys turned around simultaneously and paused in whatever they were talking about.

Sirius was the first to start walking again and they all followed. "So, spill the beans, what's the big prank?" Marlene asked, walking beside Sirius.

James chuckled lightly. "As if we'd tell you guys,"

"We won't tell," Marlene pouted.

"That's the thing," Peter piped in mysteriously.

"Please?" Marlene pleaded, giving her best puppy-dog eyes.

"Let me think about it..." Sirius said. Marlene looked on excitedly. "No." She deflated, frowning.

"Who's excited for the Defense quiz today?" Remus spoke up.

"Oooh, me, I've been studying all night." Lily replied.

"She has," Laurelle said solemnly.

"I studied all night, too." James said suddenly, spinning around to look at Lily. "Read basically the whole text."

"You read four pages," Peter said dryly. James shot him a glare.

"I'm sure you'll get a good mark," Lily said, smiling gently. James smiled back and spun around again.

They reached the Great Hall, and Sirius opened the door for them, bowing them through dramatically. Lily rolled her eyes as she passed him, and he grinned at her.

As he walked past her, James leaned down and whispered into Lily's ear, "I wouldn't eat toast if I were you,"

Lily shivered at the feeling of his hot breath tickling her neck and watched with wide eyes as he winked at her and walked on ahead.

"You okay there, Lils?" Dorcas asked as she walked past Lily.

"Y-yeah," Lily stammered and she went and sat down.

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