High Council

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Back to You

By Dame Rose Tyler

Chapter 7: High Council

OK, here is another chapter cause I know you have all been dying for one. As I said before I know I have spelling and grammar errors, so if you wanna fix em and send me an updated chapter,or just nag me so you can beta let me know. Always looking for critique groups, or just someone to hound me endlessly to update (I can really use someone like that ;-D) This chapter may not be too terriably long, but at least its something right? Well on with it!



"Well I would be happy to take her while you deal with your important business."

Rose looked at Sarafen and smiled, "This is your new aunt Romana, she's going to take care of you while I go and meet with some important people ok?"

Sarafen nodded and walked over to Romana.

"Hi Sarafen, I thought maybe we can get some treats and head down to the park. Does that sound like fun?"

Sarafen smiled and grabbed Romana's hand. "Just head down to the park when you're done, if we're not there we'll be back at the house."

Rose nodded and headed towards the citadel. This news would hopefully get her back to the Doctor sooner, at the same time bring darkness to the bright days of peace the planet has had.


Rose swept down the corridors of the citadel, the need to get this done with as quickly as possible the only thing on her massive mind. Really the only thing she wanted was the high council to get off their pompous arse and do something for once in there millennium of existence. She could only hope they would let her fetch the Doctor after they saw these readings and the fact that they matched those of the Daleks taken from during the time war.

Rose sighed as she stopped at the front reception. Clearing her throat the young secretary looked up at her. Raising her eyebrow at Rose before continuing what she was doing.

"Excuse me, I'm not just standing here for my amusement. I need to see the high council now,it is imperative if not demanded that they speak with me now."

The girl looked up from the screen she was working on, well at least supposed to be working on.

"Do you have an appointment?"

That was the final straw, Rose was seeing red. Here she was trying to prevent a second Time war, and all this waste of space could do was ask her if she had an appointment. Glaring at the girl for a moment longer Rose made her decision and continued on through the double doors of the inner chamber.

"You can't just barge in there!" The girls cries of warning fell on deaf ears as Rose marched foreword to the center podium. Glancing around she noticed the councils displeased looks.

"Stop looking at me like that, I'm here to bring you news and information imperative to Gallifreys survival."

The head of the council stepped foreword and started at Rose, his anger both evident on his face and the link that the Time lords shared.

"That may be so, but you are still not permitted to just barge in here when ever the mood takes you."

Rose reached in the pocket of her coat and pulled out the envelope Pete had given her with the rift readings.

"I've just returned from Earth with readings from the rift there. Look for your selves. I have spent hours pouring over the information myself and have come to the conclusion that these readings match those of the Time war. Take a look for yourselves!" Rose placed the papers onto the screen scanner, allowing them to be transferred to the view monitors above her. The council looked at the readings before convening with each other in hushed whispers.

"Do you see now why I just 'barged' in here? I would have more respect than that. I may have been raised on Earth, but I know what manners are."

The head council member turned to Rose.

"Have you found your companion?"

Rose smiled softly, "Yes, and she is to become my daughter. I found her as a slave on Barcelona. She is from Arcadia. Her master abused her in ways I do not wish to remember."

"Very well, you and your companion are hereby granted permissions to leave and retrieve the Doctor. You Rose Tyler, shall be granted title of High Commander in the future endeavor against the Daleks. Let it be know that the Doctor of this Universe, Rose Tyler is now High Commander of the Gallifrey army in regards to the Dalek conflict."

Rose bowed and exited the main chamber, smirking at the girl behind the desk.

"Told you they wanted to see me."

Laughing at the girls blank stare Rose ran down the halls and out of the Citadel. The streets were quite as they always were, people off to their jobs with no idea that tonight's announcements would hold the news not only of her promotion to High Commander, but that of the dark shadow that fell onto these people, known only as the Daleks.

Glancing at the park, Rose saw no traces of Romana or Sarafen and decided that they must have headed back to the main house. Time was of the essence in this mission,so right now she needed to get Sarafen in a hurry and go find her Doctor. Stopping mid step she laughed.

"Oh my goodness, I wonder how the Doctor is gonna take the news that he can't go by that name in this galaxy."

Romana chose that moment to come up behind her and scare the life out of her.

"He'll more than likely just go by his house name then."

Rose jumped and turned to find Romana smiling at her and Sarafen hiding her giggles behind her hand.

"Jhezz Romana give a girl a hearts attack!"

"Oh, you'll live. I heard you stormed your way into the High Council. Maybe you should take on the Doctors name of the On Coming Storm as well?" Romana winked as she continued to walk back towards Rose's Tardis. Once they reached the Tardis, Sarafen joined Rose, taking her hand.

"I would rather Sarafen stayed here, but the council suggested I take her anyway if you know what I mean. Its just I know she's going to be in danger where ever we find the Doctor."

Romana nodded, knowing all too well how much trouble the Doctor was capable of.

"Don't worry it will all work out, High Commander." The end of her sentence was drawn on with amusement as she mock saluted Rose. Rose of course laughed.

"That's right, and don't you forget it Madame President!"

Rose pulled out her key and pushed Sarafen through the door, bowing her head good-bye to Romana as she herself slipped though the doors.

OK, I'm gonna leave it here. Haven't decided if Im gonna let her find the doctor first trip or not. I know time is important for her to get back to gallifrey, but as well all know "It also travels in time!" So, heres my update and hopefully Im not runnning around like a chicken with my head cut off too much to update again soon. My Gma just had bypass and well it hasnt been as well as we have all hoped. So we're hoping for the best but preparing for the worse. So everyone show your support and send her your well wishes! Allisonknight dot com! tell her I sent ya lol


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