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"So where do you want to eat, don't worry my treat" Pran said and Jennie smile

"anywhere" Jennie Said cutely

"Aish your so cute, we will eat at yout favorite resturant you want?!" Pran happily said and jennie about to kiss pran in the cheecks when pran turn around to face her

Accidentally they kiss in the lips

"Yah you always kissing me in my lips!" Jennie said that made pran laugh

"I wuv u" Pran said and jennie start to walk inside of the resturant leaving pran

"Aish! wait for me!!" Pran said and run to jennie


They was eating kimchi fried rice

"This is so good pran" Jennie said while chewing her food

"Aish, Finish your food before you talk!" Pran said and they giggle

"Thank you pran you make me happy" Jennie said seriously

"You make me happy always jen" Pran said and they have an eye contact

I love you (Jennie)

I love you (Pran)

Pran quickly whipe jennie's cheecks

"Eat properly" Pran said while giggling

"Thanks" Jennie said and blush while pran was smilling


"Next, where do you want to go?" Pran said and they giggle

"You will do all just to make me happy huh!" Jennie said and she slap pran's arm

"Please comeback" pran said and he hug jennie while jennie smile sadly

"Im sorry pran, its not the right time to answer that, i will think about it..
" Jennie touch pran's back

"I understand jen" Pran said and he whipe his tears

"Don't cry, your like a baby that need a milk!" Jennie said and they giggle

"Okay" Pran said and they sit on the grass

They was in the park, All was happy, there was family, kids were playing,

And a ball will land to jennie's head and pran notice

Pran hurriedly catch jennie, and lisa was on the top, pinning jennie to the grass

Jennie smile, "Are you okay?" Pran ask and jennie nodded

"Im so sorry for my kids mr. and mrs.!" A woman approach and we nodded

"Yah! were not ma--" Pran spoke and jennie didn't finish her sentence

"Its okay, im okay coz i save my 'Mrs.' .." Pran teasingly said and pran was hiding her laugh

"Um okay im so sorry again" The woman leave and jennie push me

We are lying down to the grass and pran giggle

"You don't mind, people thought that were married" Pran said while laughing hard

"Your laugh so funny" Jennie said while laughing

Pran went closer to jennie

"Look at the sky, there was beautiful right?" Jennie said while looking at the clouds while pran staring at her

"Yeah" pran said and still staring at jennie and jennie face her

"Why you looking at me??" Jennie asked pran and pran smile

"Cause your the sky and i was your cloud" Pran said and they giggle

Jennie lean her head to pran's arm and they still watching the sky

"I wish when we get older, we have a baby's!" Pran said and jennie laugh

"Hey! you don't even my boyfreind ,then your wishing that you want we to have baby's!!" Jennie said and pran laugh a little

"Cause i will not let you go jennie" Pran said and they have an eye contact

"I thought you have a boyfreind" Pran ask and jennie laugh

"I thought you have a girlfreind" Jennie said and they laugh hard

"Were just fooling each other" Pran said jennie close her eyes

"Are you going to sleep?" Pran ask and jennie didn't respond

Pran can't move coz jennie's head was in her arm

"Your so beautiful," Pran said while staring at sleeping jennie

Pran kiss jennie in the lips and jennie awake

They was just like the sleeping beauty😂

Jennie's eyes get widen and jennie kiss back

Pran end the kiss

"So~~ you kiss back, it mea--" Pran didn't finish her sentence and jennie spoke

"Lets back the past memories pran" Jennie said and pran quickly carry jennie

"YES!!!!" Pran said and jennie was laughing

A lot of people was looking at them and jennie notice that pran have a tears falling

He's so happy, i wish pran you change..

I wish

" I love you my beautiful girl" Pran said while carrying jennie

"I love you too" Jennie said and they kiss, and people was cheering, and the latter pran kiss jennie in the forehead

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