Dawn Snow-Allen

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Caitlin woke up sick to her stomach, she ran to the bathroom and threw up, to her it was a bad feeling, No not the throwing up part although that wasn't pleasure but the fact the she was throwing up with no one by her side and no one to hold her hair up.

Although Caitlin felt sick she still got up and got ready for work, she begged Iris and Cisco not to tell anyone about her pregnancy (P.S no one knows yet) after a little convincing they agreed. Caitlin got dressed and was ready to go, she was only 2-3 weeks in so she didn't have a baby bump. On the other hand, Iris did, she was happy for Iris, Barry was with her, she was pregnant with Nora and she was happy.

When Caitlin walked into the cortex, it was empty, "Thank god" she thought. After a while, everyone showed up starting with Cisco and wells then Joe and Wally then Iris and Ralph. She thought that everyone was here but got surprise visitors. Felicity, Oliver, Sara, and Kara all showed up walking in with smiles on there faces. 

"Hey," They say while Felicity, Kara and Sara giving them hugs and Oliver just nodding. "What are you guys doing her" Caitlin asked genuinely happy to see them, she wasn't going to ruin there visit. " Iris told us about Barr so we thought, why not come visit and help with the meta." Kara said joining the conversation. "Well we are glad you guys did." Cisco and Harry said at the same time causing Cisco to roll his eyes. 


Everyone went out to get food, Caitlin passed on the offer, she didn't want them to see that she had a large appetite nor did she want to throw up.

Caitlin sat in the med-bay beside Barry, holding his hand and staring off into space, until she heard  a loud Woosh behind her, thinking it was Wally she slowly got up and got her phone still not looking at the person behind her. 

"Are you guys back already" Caitlin asked with no emotion 

"Actually no..." Said a girl looking directly at Caitlin

"Who are you?" Caitlin asked completely in shock

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"Who are you?" Caitlin asked completely in shock

"My undercover name is Elizabeth, Elizabeth Henry." She said with a smirk caitlin knows to well.

"So what's your real name, and what do you mean undercover. Are you a speedster, cause that woosh is something I hear way toot often, where are you from, do I know you." Caitlin ranted then took a long breath.

"One my name is Dawn, and I'm a speedster and an undercover spy, Two, I'm from the future and three no you do not know me yet. But I met Barry." She said looking over the still unconscious Barry Allen. 

"Yet," Caitlin asked

"My brother,  Mia smoak and I go on missions together." she said then looked at Caitlin. "Hi I'm Dawn, Dawn Snow-Allen." 

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