Chapter 1

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Bakugou's POV

When I was walking to school I saw the nerd on the other side of the street. Usually me and my heart where in the darkness but today was different when I saw Deku. Ugh why am I even thinking about him? Is it because of his nice personality? His bright green emerald eyes and soft green hair? ... What am I even thinking? I hate the nerd right?

Izuku Midorya POV

When I was going to school I saw kacchan walking on the other side of the street. I guess he got into UA after all. Welp this school year will be fun. It was about 6 more minutes until we get to school so I better prepared myself to get hit when Kacchan sees me at school.

Katsuki POV

Am I going nuts or did Deku just got cuter I mean looks stupider when he got out of the shadows of the trees. I hope he is in my school even better my class. WHAT AM I EVEN THINKING ABOUT THAT I BET HE HATES ME. But it is nice to think about. Looks like some how I was already at my desk sitting until a guy with glasses try to tell me something. "I advise you to not put your feet on the desks because you are disrespectful to the school like that." What is with his idea? "Shut up four eyes."

Izuku POV

When I got into the classroom I heard someone I thought I will never hear again. Don't get me wrong but to tell you the truth I think Kacchan is nice even if he did bullied me. I think I am only saying that because I feel my heart beat fastening a little every time I see him. What could this feeling be? Could it be love because I know for the fact I don't like him and he doesn't like me right?
*bell rings*

No one's POV

When they all heard the bell ring everyone sat in their desk as fast as they can. Bakugou finally put his feet on the ground.
"Ok class today blah blah blah" starts to talk to the kids teacher named Aizawa.

Bakugou POV

When the teacher was talking all I could think about was Deku. Do I like him do I not. After awhile I finally found out I like him but why is the next question.


Midorya POV

We where in class still but after 10 minutes we got free time. For the time I sat in my desk and think of kacchan and was writing in my note book. Do I like Kacchan because I know for the fact he hates me. If I really did like him would I think he has an amazing quirk, nice in his own way, cares for people his own special way, and have what looks like soft lips with his wonderful eyes?


What a second I really do like him. How will I tell him? Will he actually think I am lieing that I like him what will he say? Ok Izuku calm down.

Bakugou POV

Hmm I wish I can kiss that nerd. Will he think I am crazy though?

No one's POV

When the two boys got home after school. Bakugou decided to text Izuku.
Izuku italicized and bakugou underlined.


What kacchan and why are you texting me?

I was bored and I had an idea we should play 20 questions at my house in 30 minutes

Umm ok I will see you in 30 minutes then

Izuku POV

Wow I am going to kacchan's house. Maybe during the game we will reveal who we like which will be fun because I really need his touch at the moment.

~~~~~~~~~at bakugou's house~~~~~~~

*knocks at door* I really want to feel him so please kacchan love me before I fall for someone else.

Bakugou POV

When I heard a knock I pulled Deku into the house. So how will I start this game off plz help me for once God.


Fuck you brain for making this awkward. "So are we going to start the game or not kacchan?" "Ok first question do you like boys or girls?" "I like guys" said the nerd. "What about you Kacchan do you like guys or gals?"

Fuck to cute I just want too kiss him now and make him mine. "I like guys" I said. "Do you like anyone in our class?" "U-uh y-yes I d-do kacchan how about you" shit I know he will ask that but he is so cute for when he stutters. "Yes I like someone in our class" after a little while after I said that me and deku both blushed a little which was so cute.

"Do you want to touch the person you like right now and snuggle with then or something like that?" "Ya hbu" "Yes I do I really want to be with him more than anything thing and I think we should end the game" "o-ok K-kacchan"

"Kacchan can can I h-hug y-you" "of course shitty nerd"

Midoriya's POV

When he said he was ok with me hugging him I leaped into his lap and started hugging/cuddling him. "Oi deku why are you hugging me so tight" "I am sorry kacchan" after I loosen my grip I just started to look at his lips to wonder what it tastes like and if they are soft. Then a minute later I felt something on my lips and my eyes widen.

After a second I close my eyes and started to kiss back. Then he brakes it after 30 seconds for air. "Deku did you like it?" "Yes I did kacchan very much but...." "What is it?" Ask bakugou. "Dose this make us boyfriend?" "Only if you want to nerd"

Bakugou's POV

It looks like he is saying yes."want to watch a movie and snuggle a bit?" "Yes that will be fun Kacchan"

Sorry if it is short I hope you liked it though Date Started 4/30/19
If this was YouTube I would of said my last parts of my stories see you all later. Word count: 1040

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