Ready.. Set.. Battle! (Part 2)

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I was torn from my thoughts as Katsuki blew through the ground. I popped up, flying high into the air. I let myself fall. I turned so I was facing upward, and spead out. I was reaching the ground fast. I knew I was close to the the ground. But, once I reached it, I fell right into it. I sunk, leaving a hole, that would come in handy. I hollowed out the whole platform, and came up. He grinned, and ran at me. I stayed still. I guess I was wrong. This would be super easy! I collapsed the thin ground holding us up, and floated in the air with my manipulate. It was really hard, but I could grab and use the air too. It requires a lot of work to make myself float, but I was only doing it for a short amount of time. I covered him in the ground, lifted him out, and brought him close. "Sorry, Suki." I said, and set him out of bounds. He seemed angry, but also kind of.. Happy..? Odd.. Izuku next.. I can't control any of his moves.. I grimaced as a thought passes through my head. I could manipulate his body..

~ Izuku's POV ~

She grimaced right before we began. Was she okay..? I activated Full Cowling, and stopped. I knew alot about her quirks.. I don't know how I could beat her, given she only ever told me what they can generally do.. I have to stay sharp. If I lose, it'll be the second time. I have to redeem myself..

~ Yanagi's POV; time skip - half way through the fight ~

I was freezing. I was beginning to overuse my quirk. Even with the suit, I was cold. Izuku didn't even seem exhausted. I stood straighter. The whole platform was destroyed. I used my foot and manipulated the ground so it was fixed again. I had to win. If I didn't, I'd be disqualified and I wouldn't get to say I beat the whole class.. I'm sure he saw my little trick earlier.. Oh well. I made a wall infront of me, and bit down on my hand even harder. This time, it wasn't rage. It was greater. Blood dripped from my hand. I spat out blood from my mouth, and dropped the wall. Izuku was right there, his fist raised, ready. Too. Slow. I jumped into the air, and transformed. "Try to beat me now, broccoli boy." I seethed. He was shocked. I mean, who wouldn't be. I flew high into the air. I saw basically everywhere from up here. Then, I dropped. I wrapped my large wings all around my body, and tucked my legs in. I dropped fast. While I was dropping, I came up with a game plan. Look for an opening, attack accordingly, and eventually use Body Technique. I lifted my head, and saw Izuku right under me. He darted out of the way, as I threw open my wings. I jerked back, but I recovered quickly and dove toward him. He was too slow to move. There was my opening. I untucked my legs, and kicked him right in the chest. He flew backwards, but I wasn't done yet. I threw up a wall before he could cross the line. If I didn't use all my rage, I'd possibly have an outburst that hurt, or possibly killed, someone. Lucky for me, he wasn't out yet. He fought hard, until my rage left. I was weak, and tired. I used a small drop of my reserve, and I felt good again. I stopped as he ran toward me. I lifted my hand, and imagined his body as a little doll I could play with. He stopped. He looked confused and afraid. "Sorry." I said, and turned him around. He began to use his quirk. This was strong. Really, really strong. I heard about what he did back when the league of villains attacked them at camp. This was the same thing. I saw the pressure on his bones. I became frightened, and held them in place. I let myself take the hit. It felt like being hit by a truck.. I screamed in pain as Izuku looked down at his arms. They weren't broken. Not even a bruise. I doubled over, but kept my hold in him. I spat out blood. I looked over at him, and gave him a small smile. It didn't hurt too bad, but it hurt right at the beginning. "That's impressive. But it doesn't hurt right now." I said, and straightened. I wiped my mouth. "You are welcome." I said, and bowed. "But, I'm kind of bored now." I said, and used my control on him to make him jump out of bounds. I released him. "MIDORYIA IS OUT! THE OVERALL WINNER IS YANAGI YAOYOROZU!!" Mic screamed. I let myself collapse. I rolled onto my back. The tears fell. Joy. Happy. Insanely glad. I did it! Are you proud of me Mom? Dad? I beat every student in 1-A. Mineta was so easy. All I did was pick him up and throw him out of bounds. I didn't even bother with a soft landing. He hit the wall hard. But he's fine! I shut my eyes, and smiled wide. My wings, tail, and horns shrunk, and I felt even weaker. I had a sudden urge to scream. "IT'S GOOD TO BE KING!" I laughed out. It's a lyric from a American song. But I said it in Japanese so all could understand. Everyone came over, and Momo held me up. I grinned as everyone cheered for me, even though they lost. "You're going to be one hell of a hero, Yana." Katsuki said. "Yanagi." Izuku said, and his tone sobered everyone up. "When I used the maximum of my quirk.. You were the one who kept my bones from breaking, weren't you?" He asked. All eyes widened and turned to me. "Well, if not, then why did I feel that terrible pain?" i asked sarcastically. "It's something I can do. I learned it from the villains. I can take control of someone's body, and either break their bones, or mend them. In this case, I prevented your quirk from hurting you." I said. "If.. You can do it for Deku, can you do it for everyone else?" Katsuki asked. I nodded. "I can keep Uraraka from throwing up, but in return, I feel the nausea, and might possibly throw up. I can keep Denki's brain from frying out, but it might stun me for a minute. I can restore Momo's lipids as quickly as she uses them. I can keep your muscles from hurting when you use your quirk. But, it injures me. I can prevent any pain, but I endure that pain myself. Unless I am the one causing the pain." I said. "That.." Katsuki started. "IS SO FUCKING COOL!" He screamed. I smiled. "Ah. But I can also prevent you from speaking, so beware Katsuki." I said, and everyone laughed. "I dare you." He shot back. I grinned and laughed.

"Dare accepted!"


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