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Sophia's POV
The bright light peeked through the curtains waking me up. I groan and try to turn the other way but I couldn't move. I look down and saw Titus' arms wrapped securely around my waist. I accepted defeat and just shielded my eyes by hiding my face in his chest. He shifted a little but then relaxed. His scent was intoxicating to my nose but it relaxed me. I started to fall asleep again but then Titus sighed and tensed up again. He was awake now. Then, I realized that my bladder was full.

"Titus," I whisper as I poke his face. He groans and turns his body bringing me with him. I let out a squeal and land on top of him.

"You're not helping my bladder," I groan. He lets me go with a smile on his face. I mumbled a thanks and quickly went to the bathroom. I walk back out and sink into the bed.

"Do you have Alpha work today?" I ask him when I get comfortable in the blanket.

"Unfortunately," he says setting his phone down. I let out a groan and lay face down on my pillow and put my arm under it.

"I'll send Brody over to watch you," he said. I felt the bed rise as he got off.

"What about Charlotte? Will she be coming today?" I ask. I take my face off the pillow and look at where Titus was standing.

"She has a job at the pack house today watching the pups at daycare," he says.

"Doesn't Brody have his Beta duties today too?" I ask sitting back up on the bed.

"Yes but I still need someone to watch you." He walks into my closet for a few minutes and come out in a suit.

"Um how did you get that out of my closet?" I asked very confused.

"Well I put some of my clothes in here just in case," he explained. "I have to leave now but I'll promise I'll be back early tonight," he says. He kissed my cheek and left. I felt my wolf try to push her way out. She was restless from not being able to have a release.

'I know you wanna shift but you have to wait a little bit more. We are still considered a rouge and if someone sees us they'll attack,' I said trying to convince her.

'We can take them we're strong enough,' she answers back.

'Yes but we can't attack Titus' pack," I said matter of factly. As much as I would like her to go on a run, we can't risk being found.

"Soph I'm coming and you better not fucking scare me," I heard Brody yell.

"I'm in my room but get ready I can always do a sneak attack," I yell back to him. I walk into my closet and lock the door. I scan my wardrobe and decided on a blue crop top and a pair of white jeans. I put on my fuzzy socks and then heard the bedroom door open. I walk out and see Brody looking in the room.

"Well I was thinking we were gonna go to the woods but you dressed so nice today. I would hate to ruin it," he says sarcastically. My wolf curses at me for choosing cute clothes.

I groan, "Now I have to change cause my wolf is literally trying to claw her way out of me."  I walk back into my closet and grabbed clothes I wouldn't mind ripping. I walk back out to find Brody sitting on the bed reading the Harry Potter book that was on my nightstand.

"Wait...am I aloud outside because I don't think Titus will be happy you brought me back out considering what happened yesterday."

"Well you're gonna be in the protection of me and we're going on the restricted path so no one will find you," he says putting the book down.

"Okay number one I pretty sure I beat your ass yesterday so I'll be protecting you and, doesn't restricted mean not allowed of something. So why are we going there?" I ask.

"For the higher ranks only. Titus kept a piece of land for us to train on without being interrupted by pack members. It helps us keep our mind focused on training," he explains. I gave an 'oh' expression. I couldn't focus because my wolf was jumping around in excitement.

"Can we leave now because my wolf won't stop pestering me about letting her loose," I ask. He nodded and I silently thanked the moon god. I got on the porch and let the sun sink into my skin. I leaped off the steps and shifted mid air letting my wolf out. A large toothy wolf from plastered her face. Brody followed and shifted into his wolf. It was was a beautiful brown wolf that looked almost red if he stood in the sun. His wolf pointed his head into the forest and started to run. My wolf loud out a loud howl and followed him. We kept a steady pace with him almost running ahead of him. She wanted to run faster and enjoy the wind flowing through her fur but I pulled her back so that we could see where Brody was leading us. It was a difficult path filled with the roots of the y'all trees overhead. The rocks scattered the forest and the leaves was like another layer on top of the forest ground. In the distance I saw a white sign that wasn't easy to miss. As we passed it I scanned it. 

'Restricted area do not pass. Orders by Alpha Titus'

The scent of Titus filled my senses with a mix of Brody and Jacob. He must use this area the most. As we ran through the forest I noticed the grooves in the trees. Claw marks scattered the trees along the path. There was also a tree with a large hole going through it. I caught a scent of blood passing it. It was old maybe a few weeks? As we got further into the forest, he started to slow down. The trees started to thin out and they eventually led to a large clearing. Before we could reach Brody stopped and went behind a tree. I heard bones crack and he came back out wearing shorts. He tossed me a shirt and boxers that smelled like Titus. It landed on my face and my wolf gave him a long glare  He chuckled and mumbled a 'sorry.'

"You can go change behind the trees over there," he pointed. My wolf was reluctant but I promised I'll take her hunting and she finally gave in. I shifted back and quickly threw the clothes on real quick and walked out.

"So this is the middle of the forest," he said leading me towards the opening of the forest. A beautiful lake came into view. It sparked in the sun and it was so clear I could see the bottom of the lake. It stretched at least a mile.

"Can you swim Soph?" He asked. I nodded and suddenly I wasn't on the ground but soaking wet. I was completely submerged under water. I swim all the way up and let out a gasp for air. I wipe the water from my face and push the hair out of my face.

"Brody what was that for!" I yell at him.

"Soph this is the beginning of your training," he gives a smug smile. He walks over to a boat i swear I didn't see just now. But it could also be how I was thrown into this lake. He pulled a rope out of it and tied it to the front of the boat and tossed the other end to me.

"What do you want me to do with this?" I ask holding it up.

"Pull me across this lake then maybe you'll pull me back. Depends on how fast you go," he says. He sits down and takes his phone out.

"And go." I groan and start pulling him across the lake.

"You're heavy," I mumble under my breath.

"I can still hear you," he shouts back. After about half and hour, I start to get tired. I continue to pull him then slip on a sharp rock. I let out a string of curses and see red pool into the clear water. I look behind me at the boat and see Brody sleeping. I look and see that the other side was only about 1/4 mile left. I let go of the rope and leave him stranded. I swim the rest of the way and lay on the ground. I look behind a large boulder and found fresh, dry clothes. After I change, I yelled as loud as I could and Brody jumped up almost tipping the boat.

"You're stuck there. Have fun," I laugh. I sit down on a nice flat boulder and watch Brody try to figure out how to get across.

"I hate you Soph," He yells.

"That's what you get for falling asleep," I yell back. 

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