Day 7

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Ten Reasons Not To Die

Day 7- Who I Like

                Pretty much every girl in my school had or has a crush on Evan Woods. I mean, I guess I could understand why they would, though. He was one of the only guys in this school that wasn’t a complete jerk, and to top it all off with a cherry and rainbow sprinkles, he was fucking good looking.

                I swear, I hear at least one girl swooning over about how gorgeous his green eyes are every single day.

                But, despite the fact that Evan had girls falling at his feet every day, he didn’t seem to take interest in any of them. Rumors are, he’s never had a serious girlfriend before.

                That’s why I found it quite surprising when I found a gorgeous red head pressed against him in the hallways the next school day.

                I couldn’t understand what they were saying from the distance where I was standing, but she was giggling at something he said. Even a blind man could tell that the two of them were flirting.

                “That’s not fair!” a girl that was a few lockers down hissed. “I’ve been trying to get Evan to talk to me for the past year.”

                “She’s so lucky.” One jealous girl grumbled under her breath.

                I couldn’t help but wonder if I was one of the lucky ones, considering the fact that Evan wants to save my laugh. I laughed quietly, shaking my head as I closed the door to my locker.

                Much to my dismay, I was forced to walk past Evan and the red head to get to my first period class. Right when I took a step ahead of the two of them, Evan pulled away from the red head. “Remy!” he called out, making me stop in my tracks.

                I turned back slowly, giving him a weak smile. The red head that he was with was giving me dirty glares, as she rolled her eyes. “Evan, didn’t you promise you’d walk me to class today?” she asked, raising an eyebrow.

                Evan blushed, turning towards me. “Can I postpone that to tomorrow, Aubrey?”

                Aubrey clenched her jaw, smacking her pink bubblegum obnoxiously. “Fine.” She hissed, strutting away in her too short shorts.

                “Did you just blow of Aubrey Small for me?” I asked jokingly.

                Evan smiled, staring into my eyes. “Yes.”

                My cheeks became warm, as I gulped. I’ve never felt this way before. Why was I getting this kind of reaction around Evan? “Oh.” I quickly recomposed myself, as I cleared my throat. “I would like to give your girlfriend a nice punch in the face, though. Did you see the way she was throwing daggers with her eyes at me?”

                Evan gave me a lopsided smile, running a hand through his messy brown hair. “She’s not my girlfriend.”

                I snorted. “Right, so you guys are just acquaintances who press yourselves against each other.”

                “She came onto me.” Evan shrugged. “I was just being nice.”

                “You could’ve pushed her away.” I muttered, clutching onto my books tightly. Why did I sound so jealous? I mean, it wasn’t like Evan was mine or anything. “Just forget it.”

                Evan stared at me curiously, before a small blush crept up his neck. “I like someone else, anyways.”

                My head snapped towards him, as I raised an eyebrow. “Who?”

                Evan gave me a smirk, flicking my nose with the tips of his fingers. “Someone.”

                I crossed my arms, as Evan began to walk away from me, down the hall. I chased after him, putting a hand on his shoulder to turn him around. “Evan, tell me.”

                Evan grinned, surprising me by picking his hand up, and brushing a strand of my dark locks behind my ears. My eyes widened, as Evan’s green eyes glistened into mine. “Stick around, and I’ll tell you who I like, soon.”


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